5 easy exercises to soothe back pain, shoulder pain, hip pain… without leaving your office chair – Here’s

5 easy exercises to soothe back pain shoulder pain hip

On a daily basis, many people are sedentary. Sitting in an office chair all day makes it hard to actually move your body. Here are 5 exercises to do at work to keep in shape and find the right posture. It’s no surprise that being sedentary at work is bad for your health. Not moving … Read more

Chair yoga: such an effective alternative!

Chair yoga such an effective alternative

In 1982, yoga teacher Lakshmi Voelker-Binder developed chair yoga to provide an accessible option for students with arthritis. Chair yoga includes the same elements as traditional yoga, including physical postures (asanas), meditation (dyana), and breathing techniques (pranayama). But this gentle practice modifies standard yoga poses so you can do them while seated in a chair. … Read more

PARADISE LOST + HANGMAN’S CHAIR @ Strasbourg (La Laiterie)

Scheduling a metal concert on a Monday in a provincial venue is daring. Even for such a big PARADISE LOST. To my great surprise, the Laiterie stage is in a wide configuration, with bleachers, and it is slowly filling up. It sweeps away my concern, we’re going to go up to 600 or 700 people … Read more