Cultural Studies Review No. 9: Playing Marilyn

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Character of many fictions as well as documentaries, image and icon, Marilyn Monroe poses a challenge of incarnation of size when she is interpreted in the theater. How to “play” on the boards this cinematic image whose body, voice and face are immediately recognizable? Which actresses, to play the many Marilyns – actress, singer, woman … Read more

Daniel Radcliffe: ‘Strangely, playing Harry never got easy’

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Harry Potter 6 will return tonight on TF1. In 2009, his star confided in Première. After Order of the Phoenix last week, TF1 will rebroadcast tonight The Half-Blood Princethe sixth episode of the saga Harry Potter. With the arrival of David Yates on No. 5, the atmosphere of the saga became increasingly dark. A real … Read more

Neon White review: an addictive FPS with playing cards

Neon White review an addictive FPS with playing cards

Blown away in a Nintendo Direct in 2021, Neon White surprises with its original proposal, that of a shooting game where firearms are playing cards, and where the music is always poum-tchak- brzzzt. With a studio like Annapurna editing, we expected a hell of a weirdness and no one is surprised: it’s a hell of … Read more

“It was fantastic to do my homework at Saint-Georges with an orchestra playing behind me”

It was fantastic to do my homework at Saint Georges with

Faced with a book of five hundred pages entitled L’Ombre du Cèdre, one can expect long lyrical flights over the singing valleys of northern Lebanon draped in the foliage of thousand-year-old forests. However, the story begins in cosmopolitan and bourgeois Aleppo at the end of the 1940s, where the Aramoun family led a somewhat euphoric … Read more