5 easy exercises to soothe back pain, shoulder pain, hip pain… without leaving your office chair – Here’s

On a daily basis, many people are sedentary. Sitting in an office chair all day makes it hard to actually move your body. Here are 5 exercises to do at work to keep in shape and find the right posture.

It’s no surprise that being sedentary at work is bad for your health. Not moving from your office chair for several hours can have a significant impact on the body and posture. The adverse effects are diverse: psychosocial risks (stress, irritability, etc.), musculoskeletal disorders (back pain), obesity… Faced with this major phenomenon, which does not improve with the increase in the number of days of teleworking, doctor Bernadette de Gasquet has imagined a sheathing method to do from your office chair developed in the book The unsuspected power of sheathing (Ed. Marabout).

Form: 5 quick and easy exercises to take care of yourself and work on your posture

Doctor Bernadette de Gasquet relies on stretching exercises, such as dog and cat positions. The primary goal is to lengthen all of your limbs by breathing deeply through your belly. With these 5 exercises, it has never been easier to exercise from your office chair.

1. Relieve your neck

When working from a desk, the neck tends to be very stressed. To avoid terrible ailments in this area, perform the following exercise several times a day. Back against the back of the chair, lean your head to the right. Place your right hand on your left ear pointing skyward. Resistance should be felt, however do not force too much. Repeat the same movement on the other side.

2. Relax your shoulders

The shoulders are the first victims of the tensions that accumulate. In order to relieve them as much as possible, sit with your back straight with your hands joined and resting on the back of your head. Point your elbows forward. With your arms pressed against your head, imagine that a tray is placed on your skull and your forearms. The goal is to lift this famous plateau upwards, either by gently moving the wrists and elbows. Then go back down. Don’t be surprised that movement doesn’t have a lot of scope, it doesn’t prevent your trapezoids from working.

3. Strengthen your wrists

Again, the wrists are very stressed when working on computers. The exercise to perform is very simple: place a small ball between your hands clasped back to back. Compress then release, and so on.

4. Soothe your hips

Your hips are essential to your good posture, which is why they need to be sheathed. To do this, sit up straight with your feet flat on the floor. Place your outstretched arms between your knees and push up to spread your thighs apart. Be careful, you have to resist.

5. Pamper your ankles

The ankle is probably the most overused and neglected place in the body. The ideal is to work your balance by staying upright and straight as an i. You can shift your body weight onto one ankle, still pushing off the ground. And then on the other. So they work smoothly.

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5 easy exercises to soothe back pain, shoulder pain, hip pain… without leaving your office chair – Here’s

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