[Lèche-vitrine] Mintaka & Co: a witch’s lair in the heart of Toulouse

Leche vitrine Mintaka Co a witchs lair in the heart

A bewitching place, named Mintaka & Co, opened its doors at the beginning of the year on Place Occitane in Toulouse. The café-boutique offers potion tastings, manipulation of pendulums and consultation of oracles. Aurélie Perez is the owner of Mintaka & Co, open since January, Place Occitane in Toulouse © Mintaka & Co No cauldrons, … Read more

The Heart Pt 1 to 5: Kendrick Lamar’s best punchlines

Kendrick Lamar released his new single The Heart Part 5 just ahead of the album. For the occasion, rediscover the punchlines of his eponymous series of tracks. Boom! The explosion took place this Monday, May 9 around six in the morning, French time. At the impact bridge: Kendrick Lamar who returned to the spotlight with … Read more

We will soon be able to play an urban escape game in the heart of Soignies

We will soon be able to play an urban escape

By Thomas Donfut Journalist of La Nouvelle Gazette Center | Published on 05/12/2022 at 09:58 In a few days, an urban escape game will be made available to fans of this kind of adventure, for the first time in the Center region, in Soignies. Solve the puzzles and unravel the threads of mystery that will … Read more

In the heart of our neighborhoods: the Château de Monceau for better and for worse

By Jean-Claude Herin | Published on 05/11/2022 at 06:07 Located in a vast English-style park, the Château de Monceau attracts all eyes. Property of the City since the merger of the municipalities, this jewel of local heritage hosts many cultural and sporting events. ***** **** *** *********** *** ****** ********* ** ******* **** *** *** … Read more

National team of Senegal: At the heart of mystical practices, between players, coaches and dual nationals

National team of Senegal At the heart of mystical practices

Beyond the quality of its players and the contribution of its supporters, the Senegalese national team has always called on a third force to try to win its matches: mystical practices. Present in Senegalese society, the mystical (black magic for some, maraboutage for others) or ”xons” in Wolof, has always (discreetly) accompanied the Senegalese selection. … Read more