Easy form: 3 steps to stabilize my ankles

Resumption of sports activity or simple hole in the road, a twisting ankle is potentially a fall and a sprain that can increase the risk ofosteoarthritis. Hence the interest of better lock this part of our anatomy which, slightly suspended to absorb shocks, therefore tends to turn easily.

This program, which gradually stabilizes the ankles, benefits from being carried out every day and barefoot to boost the ability to balance.

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1) I mobilize my ankles

The objective is to recover good ankle mobility to relieve her and stimulate sleeping muscles.


Sat on the edge of a chair, back straight, place both hands under your right thigh to lift it and lift the foot off the ground then alternate toes well stretched and foot-flex (toes brought back towards you). Same on the left.

Do 10 times on each side.


In the same starting position, then do the windscreen wiper with the foot lifted: toes in the direction of the foot remaining on the ground then toes outwards while holding this contraction for 3 sec to properly solicit the stabilizing muscles.

To be done 10 times per foot.

Still in the same position, finish with large ankle circles5 in one direction, 5 in the other with the right foot then the left.

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2) I tone my ankles

The aim is to intensify the waking up the key muscles of the ankles, feet and even the whole leg to better install stability.

Foot in stirrup

In position standing, rest the right forefoot on the edge of a chair (propped against a wall) and let the heel in the void. With both your hands, press right knee and fight against your own push with the forefoot so that the heel passes alternately above and below the seat.

Do 10 dynamic back and forth on each side.

Sioux March

Walk slowly and quietly on tiptoe without putting the heel on the ground at all and making sure that it remains still with each step. 10 steps

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3) I strengthen my ankles

The objective is to activate muscle strengthening but also to work on proprioception, that is to say the ability to balance by voluntarily placing oneself in a situation of imbalance.

Climbing on spikes

Standing, self-growing, back straight, shoulders low, belly held and feet parallel apart the width of the basin, stand on tiptoe distributing your body weight evenly, ideally without holding on. Hold for a few seconds if possible and lower slowly.

Do 10 times.


Upright, the right foot well anchored in the ground, raise the other foot slightly backwards and thus remain in balance if possible without holding on for 1 min, the time that the ankle and the foot “warm up” (and sometimes even the pelvis if it too needs to be strengthened). Same on the other foot.

Don’t worry if you can’t hold 1 min straight away, it will come gradually.

twist lesson

Standing, feet parallel about ten centimeters apart, stand on pointe, pivot heels to the right then pose them raising your toes and pivot again to the right then go up on the points. So on for 10 steps.

In the same way, then return to the starting point, this time pivoting to the left.

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Easy form: 3 steps to stabilize my ankles

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