Vous êtes stressé en cette fin d’année? Essayez ces deux postures de yoga

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Gas and abdominal pain: 3 yoga postures to relieve them

Gas and abdominal pain 3 yoga postures to relieve them

Stress and anxiety promote abnormal gas production and abdominal pain. Relaxation techniques can be effective in remedying this, including yoga and self-massage. belly yoga This age-old practice is welcome for those who suffer from digestive disorders functional. It promotes relaxation by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system and, thanks to certain postures, acts mechanically on the … Read more

Broken heart: 5 yoga postures to regain self-confidence

Do you still have the aftermath of your last breakup? Yoga can help you regain your self-confidence and move on. Medisite reveals five postures in images. The end of a love story could hurt like withdrawal, according to Dr. Guy Winch, psychologist and specialist in heartbreak. In an article published in the newspaper Psychology Todayhe … Read more

Yoga: postures to detoxify your liver

Generally speaking, yoga takes care of all the organs. It leads you to the prevention of various psychic and physical ailments. Liver disorders are no exception. Tatiana Orlhac, yoga teacher gives you her postures for liver detox. ” Generally speaking, yoga takes care of all our organs. Simply bringing awareness to breathing, how to move, … Read more

PHOTOS – WELL-BEING: 3 anti-heavy leg postures to boost blood circulation during pregnancy – Gala

PHOTOS – WELL BEING 3 anti heavy leg postures to boost blood

It is more than common, during pregnancy, to feel feelings of heaviness in the legs. And when the thermometer climbs during the summer months, it’s even worse! Do not panic ! Here are three prenatal yoga postures to relieve the legs of all future mothers but also of all women affected by this problem, proposed … Read more

BLOG – 4 facial yoga postures to maintain your natural beauty

BLOG 4 facial yoga postures to maintain your natural

WELL-BEING – Made up of 50 different muscles, our face is an exceptional tool for expressing our emotions. Just like our body, it is subject to fluctuation of our environment and the passage of time. Take care of your face He therefore needs to be kept in shape. When the yoga traditional maintains our physical … Read more

Yoga: a set of postures and sequences for well-being

Yoga a set of postures and sequences for well being

Yogists in cobra posture The Hatha Yoga Club of Burkina commemorated, on Saturday June 25, 2022 in Ouagadougou, the International Day of Yoga in the presence of certain authorities such as members of the Ministry in charge of Sports, the charge d’affaires of the Embassy of India in Burkina and diplomatic representatives of other countries. … Read more