Yoga: a set of postures and sequences for well-being

Yoga a set of postures and sequences for well being

Yogists in cobra posture The Hatha Yoga Club of Burkina commemorated, on Saturday June 25, 2022 in Ouagadougou, the International Day of Yoga in the presence of certain authorities such as members of the Ministry in charge of Sports, the charge d’affaires of the Embassy of India in Burkina and diplomatic representatives of other countries. … Read more

Sciatica: 7 yoga postures to relieve this back pain

About 5% of people who suffer from lower back pain are affected by the sciatica. the Merck manual defines the latter as “pain that manifests along the sciatic nerves”. These nerves, which are two in number, “start from the lower back, pass through the buttocks and descend into the legs, stopping just below the knee”. … Read more

Seins qui tombent : 5 postures de yoga pour lutter contre la gravité

On parle de seins qui tombent lorsque ceux-ci s’affaissent et passent en dessous du sillon sous-mammaire. Il existe plusieurs raisons à ce phénomène. Tout d’abord, cela peut être la conséquence d’une ou de plusieurs grossesses avec ou sans allaitement. L’affaissement est alors dû au gonflement des seins durant la grossesse puis à la distension de … Read more