5 easy exercises to soothe back pain, shoulder pain, hip pain… without leaving your office chair – Here’s

5 easy exercises to soothe back pain shoulder pain hip

On a daily basis, many people are sedentary. Sitting in an office chair all day makes it hard to actually move your body. Here are 5 exercises to do at work to keep in shape and find the right posture. It’s no surprise that being sedentary at work is bad for your health. Not moving … Read more

Leaving Paris – In Praise of the Swiss Mountains

Leaving Paris – In Praise of the Swiss Mountains

Located in the heart of Zermatt, the Cervo offers a modern transcription of the alpine hunting lodge, between design, raw materials and local culture. By Clara Le Fort The name of the hotel comes from mount matterhorn (Cervino in Italian, which also means “little deer”), an emblematic summit of 4,478 meters above sea level which … Read more

Toul. Escape during these holidays without leaving Toul, it is possible with the Maison du tourisme

Why am I dreaming of another man Explanation and meaning

Running a program of outings and visits during each holiday period is one of the missions that the team of the Tourism House. From their offices which have a direct view of the cathedral, place Charles-de-Gaulle, the guides and travel advisors Pauline Louyot and Logan Mathiot detail the appointments planned for the next few days. … Read more

Operation Barkhane: leaving Mali to better stay in the Sahel

They seek and strike the enemy in the vastness of the desert, staring for hours on a large screen. In this motionless journey that characterizes the piloting of an aircraft at a distance, the crew of a Reaper drone engaged in the war led by France in the Sahel flies at 20,000 feet (6,096 m), … Read more