Daniel Radcliffe: ‘Strangely, playing Harry never got easy’

Harry Potter 6 will return tonight on TF1. In 2009, his star confided in Première.

After Order of the Phoenix last week, TF1 will rebroadcast tonight The Half-Blood Princethe sixth episode of the saga Harry Potter. With the arrival of David Yates on No. 5, the atmosphere of the saga became increasingly dark. A real challenge for its actors, Daniel Radcliffe on your mind. Here is what he explained in First when it was released in 2009: “Strangely, playing Harry never became easy. It was even the opposite. At the time of the first films, I was oblivious. I was having fun on the set; I wanted to give my best, but I I didn’t really see what it all meant. Gradually, I understood the demands that this job requires. And, each time, I wanted to give the best, give myself no respite and push to always do better.”

For Emma Watson, the interpreter of Hermione Granger, working under the direction of the director of State of Play however, made her a better actress. “That’s what characterizes David. His work with actors is centered around that: looking for the truth – that of the interpretation and that of the character. It’s fascinating. He viscerally hates anything that is false. He seeks reality and authenticity and I believe that filming under her direction made me a better actress. I understood that for a long time, I had played Hermione, I was hiding behind her strong personality and that saved me from have to confront myself with this famous truth of the game. It was David who first told me: “Play with your heart. Forget everything else. Be honest. » That’s what I’ve tried to do and I think over the last three movies it’s made a difference.”

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Here is the story of Harry Potter 6and its trailer:

Voldemort’s demonic noose tightens on the Muggle universe and the world of wizardry. Hogwarts has ceased to be a haven of peace, danger lurks in the heart of the castle… But Dumbledore is more determined than ever to prepare Harry for his final battle, which is now imminent. Together, the old master and the young wizard will try to break through Voldemort’s defenses. To help them in this delicate enterprise, Dumbledore will revive and manipulate his former colleague, Professor Horace Slughorn, whom he believes to be in possession of vital information on the young Voldemort. But another “evil” is haunting the students this year: the demon of adolescence! Harry is more and more attracted to Ginny, who does not leave his rival, Dean Thomas, indifferent; Lavender Brown set her sights on Ron, but forgot about the “magical” power of Romilda Vane’s chocolates; Hermione, consumed by jealousy, decided to hide her feelings, somehow. Love is in all hearts – except one. Because a student stays strangely deaf to his call. In the shadows, he relentlessly pursues a goal as mysterious as it is disturbing… until the inevitable tragedy that will upset Hogwarts forever…

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Daniel Radcliffe: ‘Strangely, playing Harry never got easy’

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