Study of Tibetan Monks Reveals Surprising Benefits of Lifelong Celibacy

Study of Tibetan Monks Reveals Surprising Benefits of Lifelong Celibacy

— SantiPhotoSS / For a large part of humanity, living as a couple and founding a family are among the essential elements of life. Still, some choose lifelong celibacy. Surprisingly enough, a study of Tibetan monks found many benefits to this lifestyle choice. Men who have a monk brother tend to be wealthier If … Read more

Benjamin Siegrist reveals his debt to Brad Friedel as yoga sessions supported his trip to Celtic Park

As he prepares for the challenge of securing a first-team spot with the Scottish champions, the 30-year-old remains grateful for the guidance he received during his formative years from Brad Friedel . It was the former American international goalkeeper who took Siegrist under his wing at Aston Villa, introducing him to the benefits of yoga. … Read more

Sharon Stone reveals she lost nine children to miscarriages, her heartbreaking message

Sharon Stone reveals she lost nine children to miscarriages her

The road to motherhood has been complicated for Sharon Stone. Today the mother of three boys, the actress revealed on Instagram to have suffered nine miscarriages. “I lost nine children in miscarriages”. At 64, Sharon Stone has decided to lift the veil on her traumas. On her Instagram account, the American actress posted a moving … Read more

Christine Bravo married: she reveals her unique list of wedding gifts

Christine Bravo married she reveals her unique list of wedding

Freshly married to Stéphane Bachot, Christine Bravo unveiled, on Instagram, her unique list of wedding gifts. Find out more below. Christine Bravo is currently in heaven and is not about to come down from her little cloud. This Saturday, June 11, 2022, the 66-year-old host said “yes” to Stéphane Bachot, who has shared his life … Read more

Star Academy: ex-candidate Silent Jill reveals the sex of her baby!

Pregnant for the 4th time, the former Star Academy candidate Silent Jill has just revealed the sex of her baby to her fans. Silent Jill is a happy mum! The singer, revealed in the 5th season of Star Academy, is expecting her 4th child this year. A baby whose sex she has just revealed. MCE … Read more

Dorian Rossini: The “reincarnation of God” soon to be back on TV? He reveals his new projects and much more…

Years after making the buzz, Dorian Rossini, the “Reincarnation of God”confided exclusively for NextPlz! Remember, in 2013, the NRJ12 channel devoted an issue of its show So true at Dorian Rossinia young man then aged 21, who claimed to be the reincarnation of god. Years after making the rounds on TV and social media, Dorian … Read more

Gims denounced for witchcraft by his right arm, Blata reveals everything [Vidéos]

Gims denounced for witchcraft by his right arm Blata reveals

Marc Blata revealed that Insolent, his right arm, had contacted him to admit that Gims had indeed resorted to witchcraft… Booba recently teamed up with the man now nicknamed “Inspector” Marc Blata in order to bring to light the few pans that Gims would have. The influencer therefore began his undermining work recently, to have … Read more

Côte d’Ivoire: Multiplication of banknotes, a mystic reveals: “It is with paper and chameleon ash that the marabouts do these practices” – KOACI

© – Sunday, November 21, 2021 – 12:22 Babou Niang The race for easy money is taking on increasingly important proportions in our African societies. As a result, traditional African values ​​which were the pride of this continent such as integrity, a taste for effort, work and respect for sacrosanct principles, are set aside … Read more

Elisabeth Borne: what her astrological chart reveals about her personality

The stars are rich in lessons for anyone willing to take an interest in them. At least, if we believe astrology. Most often, it is out of habit and curiosity that we look at our horoscope in the morning, just to see what the stars are “preparing” for us. But do we really believe it? … Read more