Film of the week: “Smoking makes you cough” by Quentin Dupieux

ALTERMUNDI a first store in Bordeaux PACAs economic and

‘After a fierce fight against a demonic turtle, five vigilantes called the ‘Tabac Force’ are ordered to retreat to strengthen the cohesion of their group which is deteriorating. The stay goes wonderfully until Lézardin, Emperor of Evil, decides to annihilate the planet. A ‘star wars’ reserved for the simple-minded? A Manichaean fable for small (and … Read more

“The Fabelmans”, Spielberg’s autobiographical film, is one of his best

The Fabelmans Spielbergs autobiographical film is one of his best

NEW YORK – During a recent interview with the HollywoodReporterPulitzer Prize-winning and Tony Award-winning playwright Tony Kushner has revealed the origin of the Fabelman family name, at the heart of Steven Spielberg’s new film. “Spielberg means ‘game mountain’,” Kushner explained. ‘In Yiddish’Spieler‘ is an actor, and a ‘spiel‘ is a speech or a play. I … Read more

10 Great Fantasy Book Adaptations In Film And TV, From ‘The Wheel Of Time’ To ‘The School For Good And Evil’ – GameSpot

10 Great Fantasy Book Adaptations In Film And TV From

The fantasy genre offers a wondrous and magical escape from the daily twists and turns of the modern world. Whether it’s magic, wizards, knights, kings and battles, royal drama or ferocious mystical beasts, fantasy itself covers a wide range of subjects and themes. RELATED: The Best Fantasy Book Adaptations Like ‘The Rings of Power’ and … Read more

Albi 2022: Annie Colère – Film Review

Albi 2022 Annie Colere Film Review

Annie Anger France, 2022Original title : –Director: Blandine LenoirScreenplay: Blandine Lenoir and Axelle RopertActresses: Laure Calamy, Zita Hanrot, India Hair and Rosemary StandleyDistributor: Diaphana DistributionGenre: Social dramaDuration: 2h00Release date: November 30, 2022 3.5/5 Some battles are worth fighting over time. Since freedom, this precious good, permanently runs the risk of being undermined by obscurantist forces … Read more

10 Iconic Film Scores Instantly Recognizable – CNET – ApparelGeek

10 Iconic Film Scores Instantly Recognizable CNET ApparelGeek

Music has always been an integral part of the cinematic experience. Used to create emotion and mood and to establish character and setting, no film is complete without an effective soundtrack or score. A piece of music played repeatedly throughout a film can also become synonymous with the film itself. RELATED: Best Movie Theme Songs … Read more

“More than ever”, the ultimate film by Gaspard Ulliel: a meditation on death through the story of a couple

More than ever the ultimate film by Gaspard Ulliel a

Mathieu (Gaspard Ulliel) in “More than ever”, by Emily Atef. WHITE WATERS PRODUCTIONS THE OPINION OF THE “WORLD” – TO SEE More than ever can only be a strange experience of cinema, since it features the last appearance of its actor, Gaspard Ulliel, died in a skiing accident in January, at the age of 37. … Read more

“L’expérience mystique racontée dans ‘Reste un peu’ est vraie”: Gad Elmaleh interroge notre rapport aux religions dans son dernier film

Lexperience mystique racontee dans Reste un peu est vraie Gad

Jusqu’à son dénouement, Reste un peu brouille les pistes… En réalité, de quelle religion étiez-vous et de quelle religion êtes-vous désormais? Le film est à la frontière de la fiction et de la réalité. Il s’agit d’un choix personnel venu du besoin qu’il devienne un objet cinématographique. Dans le cas contraire, j’aurais fait un documentaire … Read more

OneTaste: Netflix offers a film on the cult of orgasm and its excesses in Silicon Valley

OneTaste Netflix offers a film on the cult of orgasm

Netflix took the initiative to take us to one of them: The Orgasm Industry: The Story of OneTastea company founded in the mecca of start-ups, tech gurus and the land of innovation that is Silicon Valley, which promised ” spiritual enlightenment and community through 15 minute female orgasms“. However, what started out as just an … Read more

‘Kinshasa now’ a virtual reality film about children accused of witchcraft

Kinshasa now a virtual reality film about children accused of

Kinshasa now virtual reality film Kinshasa Now follows Mika, 14 years old. Accused of witchcraft and thrown out of his home, Mika must understand the codes of the streets to survive. The spectator is immersed, thanks to a 360° VR helmet, in the middle of the streets of Kinshasa while discovering the daily life of … Read more

Harry Potter: these 4 actors are present in the film Enola Holmes!

Harry Potter these 4 actors are present in the film

Several Harry Potter actors are also present in Enola Holmes. They are four in number and we present them to you. Well-known actors have starred in Harry Potter. Many have also made themselves known in the saga. Since then, they have participated in other films. And this is the case for 4 actors who are … Read more