In Alicante, the film studios of the Ciudad de la Luz dream of being the new European Hollywood

In Alicante the film studios of the Ciudad de la

One of the production sites of the Ciudad de la Luz studios, in Alicante (Spain), on May 2, 2022. SPTCV Ten years have passed since the closure of the Ciudad de la Luz, a huge 300-hectare cinema complex inaugurated in 2005 in Alicante, Spain. Forced to close its doors in 2012, for a period of … Read more

UNDER ANGELS’ WING – AJ Edwards film review

UNDER ANGELS WING AJ Edwards film review

Indiana, 1817. An American nation, barely forty years old, struggling to recover from its second War of Independence. Men and women who, in order to survive, lead a merciless fight against nature and disease. This is the world that Abraham Lincoln discovers at birth. Over a period of three years, the film traces the childhood … Read more

Public images on the sidelines of the 22nd Khouribga International African Film Festival – Maroc-Actu

The 22nd edition of the Khouribga International African Film Festival this year was distinguished by the presentation of a number of distinguished cinematographic strips, including feature films and documentaries, alongside the organization of workshops in the field movies and special seminars to discuss these bands. It is universal, and the social, political and humanitarian issues … Read more

“Haxan, Witchcraft Through the Ages”: the reissue of the silent film classic in a sumptuous box

Haxan Witchcraft Through the Ages the reissue of the silent

A masterpiece for some, an overrated film for others, Haxan, Witchcraft through the ages has caused a lot of ink to flow since 1922, when it was released. Potemkin is re-releasing the film in a beautiful DVD/Blu-Ray combo box set. No less than three versions are compiled there, with different music and multiple commentaries, including … Read more

Cannes Film Festival: Elvis in an infernal merry-go-round, Jerry Lee Lewis between octaves and bass

His manager comes from the carnival and the career of the singer was a roller coaster, with peaks and abysses: Elvis, biopic carried by the revelation Austin Butler, in the title role, and Tom Hanks, was presented Wednesday at the Cannes Film Festival . As in an amusement park, the spectator does not see the … Read more

Cannes Film Festival – Tchaikovsky seen by his wife

Cannes Film Festival – Tchaikovsky seen by his wife

Lhe scene takes place ten years ago, in the office of Vladimir Medinski, the current head of the Russian delegation in the negotiations with Ukraine. The man is at the time Minister of Culture. Kirill Serebrennikov came to see him with his co-screenwriter in the hope of obtaining the essential government green light for a … Read more

Cannes Film Festival: an ocean of love for Elvis and Christophe

The chronicle of François Aubel – Musical interludes on a Croisette in a trance for the presentation of Baz Luhrmann’s film on the king of rock’n’roll. And more collected for the singer ofAline and blue words. Barely six o’clock and it’s already a rush, Wednesday, at the foot of the steps of the Palace. Cannes … Read more

Cannes Film Festival in pictures: Adèle Exarchopoulos, Jean Dujardin, Marion Cotillard, weekend shots

Red carpet, flashes, people… The 75th Cannes film festival takes place from May 17 to 28, 2022. Demonstrations to denounce violence against women, French and international stars, last weekend was loaded with strong images on the Croisette. Adèle Exarchopoulos, Jean Dujardin, Marion Cotillard or even Sharon Stone made the flashes of the many photographers present … Read more

Felicity Jones Wants a Star Wars Reincarnation for Jyn Erso – /Film

At a time when Disney clung to recognizable icons in star wars mythos to retain a sense of familiarity for the audience, one of the company’s biggest creative risks Rogue One: A Star Wars Storya film that – spoiler alert – kills off all the main protagonists by the time the end credits roll. But … Read more

Review of The Northman (Film, 2022) – CinéSéries

Review of The Northman Film 2022 CineSeries

REVIEW / FILM REVIEW – Alexander Skarsgård embarks on a bloody revenge in “The Northman”, superb new feature film by Robert Eggers inspired by Nordic sagas. The Vikings in the spotlight Although the nordic universe is quite present in other mediums (the series vikingsvideo games Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and God of War: Ragnarok), we can’t … Read more