The Greens return to war against the “illusion” of nuclear power – Teller Report

1674756239 The Greens return to war against the illusion of nuclear

“The nuclear lobby has won a battle, but…it will lose the war!”. The Greens don’t be cunning with this immediate observation: by getting too lost in ego quarrels, surreal delusions and other macho witchcraft trials, they have too much deserted the fight against “the Nuk” as they say. And left the field to the “nuclear … Read more

World: in Doha, the Mbappé attraction in the spotlight – Teller Report

In kyiv yoga in the dark to cope with the

On the buildings of Doha as on the lawns, we only see him: Kylian Mbappé illuminates the World Cup-2022 with his goals with the France team and his impressive statistics propel him to the front of the stage. Before facing England on Saturday (8:00 p.m.) in the quarter-finals at the al-Bayt stadium in al-Khor, the … Read more

Gas in the Mediterranean: Israel and Lebanon sign an agreement – Teller Report

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It is neither peace nor normalization, but it took eleven years of negotiations led by the United States forIsraelis and Lebanese reach an agreement on the delimitation of their exclusive economic zone (EEZ). Why now? Because the lebanese economy is bloodless and that there is political will to resolve this conflict. “The dramatic economic situation … Read more

In Brazil, the boom of mystical retreats in a nature reserve – Teller Report

In Brazil the boom of mystical retreats in a nature

Eyes closed, bodies coated in a layer of greyish clay mud, a dozen tourists in bathing suits stamp their feet to the rhythm of the drum, in the middle of the luxuriant vegetation of the Chapada dos Veadeiros, 230 km from Brasília. “It’s the energy of mother earth!” exclaims Michelle Ximenes, who leads this “shamanic … Read more

The secrets of Jeppe Hein’s collaboration with the Ruinart house – Teller Report

The secrets of Jeppe Heins collaboration with the Ruinart house

When Jeppe Hein reinterprets tableware, etiquette takes a hit. And the guests fall back into childhood, in a joyful regressive atmosphere. Because they are authorized, and even encouraged, by the Danish artist with the face as young as he is playful, to have fun with food. At least the time of a Parisian dinner organized … Read more

In Spain, under the floats of Holy Week, women still contested – Teller Report

In Spain under the floats of Holy Week women still

Supported, advancing at a haunting pace, they carry on their necks a chariot of Christ and the Virgin weighing one and a half tons. In Spain, during Holy Week, women “costaleras” perform the same physical feat as men, but remain controversial. From the tank that paces more than ten hours during the streets of Granada … Read more