The O Method: the promise of realizing your dreams through the power of orgasm

TikTok’s latest craze, whose users are ecstatically raving about its merits, the O method promises to achieve wishes through the power of orgasm.

“The power of orgasm”, yes. And the formula is not ours, but rather hordes of converts who sing the praises of the O method and its pleasurable effects. The principle? The “orgasmic manifestation”, or the use of sexual energy to make your dreams come true.
Perched? Maybe, but that hasn’t stopped this technique from attracting more than 15 million views on TikTok at the time of this writing. It is that on paper, the O method has everything to please. In a video now seen nearly two million times, the TikTokeuse Hot High Priestess is one of the first to have extolled the virtues of orgasmic manifestation on the Chinese social network.

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According to her, the energy that would be released into the atmosphere at the moment of orgasm would be so powerful (“it can literally create life”) that it “would open a portal in the universe from which to concretize what you manifest (sic).

At the moment of orgasm, visualize exactly what you want, as if you already have it, because once you have visualized it, you will have it. You opened the fucking portal. You have seen into the future. You vibrate at this frequency” assures @hothighpriestess.

And too bad if the scientific body seems less convinced than she (or her followers) of the true effects of the orgasmic manifestation…

At your own risk and pleasure

As the clinical psychologist points out Anna Kress“although TikTok is filled with testimonials from people claiming that the O method has allowed them to achieve their dreams, the demonstration does not work for everyone”.

In addition, in this specific case, “the method is not recommended if you have a pathological relationship to sex, or if the manifestation techniques are detrimental to your mental state”.

More generally, and contrary to what the plethora of available evidence may suggest, there is currently no scientific study demonstrating the effectiveness of manifestation methods. Whether they are based on the “power of orgasm” or simply on conviction, these are all variations on the law of attraction. Either the belief that the universe sends back to us what we give it, and therefore that if we manifest something “I will be successful / earn more money / find love …” the universe will send it back to us, realizing the desire in stride.

Too good to be true? Despite the current lack of hard scientific evidence, a study published in 2010 in the scientific journal Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society revealed that expressing your desires in a concrete way increased the chances of seeing them come true. Not so much because of the law of attraction, but rather, as study authors Demis Hassabis and Eleanor A. Maguire detail, because “the ability to pre-imagine hypothetical events confers an advantage in how to approach future events. Indeed, faced with various choices, the person who has distinctly represented the possible consequences of each of them will be more likely to choose the one most likely to offer him what he desires.

From the O Method to Orgasmic Meditation

This does not mean that sexuality cannot act as a portal to the realization of certain desires. But to do this, it is better to opt for orgasmic meditation than for the O method. of meditation but also and above all to its beneficial effects.

Launched in 2004 in San Francisco by Nicole Daedone, orgasmic meditation (MO) aims to create more awareness in sexuality by awakening the body to sensations. Among the exercises necessary for its practice, let us quote the “breath by sex”, which consists for the man and the woman to visualize their sexes being filled with air, as if they were able to inspire and to breathe. ‘expire.

According to a study carried out in 2015 by Lisa Millar, the practice of orgasmic meditation would impact sexual life, but also professional, relational, spiritual life without forgetting health. Among the benefits pinpointed by Camille Bataillon, we note, in women, improved communication with their partner, but also and above all increased self-confidence and a better ability to express one’s desires, whether sexual or not. And therefore, more able also to concretize them? If there is indeed a portal to cross, perhaps it is in oneself, and not in the universe. But wherever he is, his quest promises to be enjoyable.

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The O Method: the promise of realizing your dreams through the power of orgasm

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