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As of Black Clover Chapter 344, Sister Lily is about to take part in her first full fight, with the caveat being that she’s not really herself.

Although transformed into a Paladin, Sister Lily will no doubt soon show her true powers in her first full-fledged battle against Asta in the upcoming chapters of Black Clover.

The only time Black Clover’s sister Lily really put up a fight happened a few chapters ago during the elf reincarnation arc when the mage Digit Taliss, under the control of an elf spirit, attacks the city Asta and Yuno’s birthplace, Hage. To defend the children of her village, she only casts a spell called Holy Fist of Love, which aptly evokes water in the form of a massive fist that strikes hard against the possessed mage. Then, after the villain Lucius Zogratis uses soul manipulation magic to turn her into a mind-controlled paladin, she uses an unnamed spell that transports Asta to Asta’s home country, Hino.

Now, in Yūki Tabata’s Black Clover Chapter 344, she and two other paladins, one of whom is named Yrul, are in a showdown against five members of Hino’s Ryuzen Seven with the intention of starting a fight at any time. With the majority of the chapter providing a brief flashback of how and why Sister Lily and her fellow Paladins arrived in Hino, there probably won’t be anything else to get in the way of their fight in the next chapter, unless there is focuses entirely on training Asta with two other members of the Ryuzen Seven.

What kind of magic Paladin Sister Lily will use in Black Clover

The only caveat is that it’s possible that after Lucius’ soul turned Sister Lily into a paladin, she lost everything that made her who she was and now only possesses the power of the paladins. The main clue lies in the fact that normal Sister Lily obviously possesses water magic based on her brief encounter with the elf-possessed mage Digit Taliss, and when Sister Lily transports Asta to Hino as a paladin, the spell she casts is not water-based. (It also does not require an incantation). Since very few mages can summon more than one type of magic, it’s likely that the latter spell is the property of paladins. So unless Paladin Sister Lily can use both her original magic and the new magic she acquired as a Paladin, readers may never see her normal water-based spells in this particular battle. It’s promising, however, that Sister Lily’s fellow paladin, named Yrul, possesses a grimoire and uses beast magic to summon the sacred dragon Wicked-No, as that means she too likely still has her own grimoire and can therefore ward off its own water-based. spells too. Hopefully, she’ll cast more than water-creation magic: Holy Fist of Love.

Of course, what happens in this upcoming battle will never be the same as Sister Lily fighting as herself and not as a paladin since she is clearly an altered version of who she once was. But still, it’s a treat to see what kind of magic she had under her belt before Lucius turned Sister Lily’s soul into a paladin. Elf-possessed Digit Taliss has already confirmed that Sister Lily is strong, implying she could be a noble or maybe even royalty, so these new spells she will hopefully cast could shed some light. more of who she was before becoming a fabric woman in Black Clover.

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Black Clover Finally Reveals Sister Lily’s True Power | Pretty Reel

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