7 Advent calendars to awaken the witch in you!

7 Advent calendars to awaken the witch in you

7 Advent calendars to awaken the witch in you! Published on November 25, 2022 You’ve already tried all the traditional calendars: chocolate, tea, jewellery, beauty, but also tried more original options (you still remember last year’s cheese calendar). This year, I offer you a selection of Advent calendars for witches! If you are passionate about … Read more

Haitian witch and voodoo rites: a woman tried in 2023 for the assassination of her wife

Haitian witch and voodoo rites a woman tried in 2023

The corpse did not fit in the trunk. The BMW therefore pulled out of the basement of a Parisian building on March 23, 2019, with the body in the back seat. After 45 minutes of highways and secondary roads, the three murderers took out the body and cleaned his nails and teeth with antibacterial gel … Read more

Accused of “ritual crimes”, who was the “witch” of Castellar?

Accused of ritual crimes who was the witch of Castellar

In Castellar, on the heights of Menton, in a bend of the avenue Saint-Antoine, a small chapel is discreet. The building and its open porch, typical of Provençal rural architecture, do not look like much. Yet they were the scene, 399 years ago, of an unbearable horror scene. A “witch” was hanged and burned there. … Read more

First witch at the stake, is Angèle de la Barthe fake news?

First witch at the stake is Angele de la Barthe

For some, she was the first victim of the witch hunt that raged for several centuries in Europe. Angela de la Barthe even has fans who do not hesitate to take his nickname on social networks. In the imagination of contemporary followers of the Sabbath, this Toulousewho is said to have been indicted and sentenced … Read more

Bayonetta 3 TEST: Madness and excess, the witch bewitches the Switch!

Bayonetta 3 TEST Madness and excess the witch bewitches the

Five years after its announcement, Bayonetta 3 is ready to distribute mandalas on Switch. Armed with its eighth degree and ideas more eccentric than each other, Platinum Games intends to use its witchcraft to surpass the millimeter formula that has made the license a must in the genre. Bet won, we were spellbound once again. … Read more

Bayonetta 3 test – A charming sequel for the witch

Bayonetta 3 test A charming sequel for the witch

Originally released in 2009 on Ps3 and Xbox 360, Bayonetta first of the name quickly knew how to mark the spirits, suggesting a potential successor to the famous beat them up license Devil May Crywith its uninhibited style, its nervous fights, but above all thanks to its sassy and sexy heroine. An adventure that could … Read more

5 kitsch witch movies to (re)watch for Halloween

5 kitsch witch movies to rewatch for Halloween

Glamorous, grotesque or sensual, the witch is a fascinating figure who has not finished exercising her magnetic power on the big and small screen. For Halloween, Number has selected 5 ultra kitsch and successful witch films to better draw inspiration for our next disguises. by Noa Longhurst-Deshaulle. Susan Sarandon and Jack Nicholson in The Witches … Read more