New Octo Power at Seimi, simple is beautifull –

Seimi distributes the energy production, management and conservation brand Whisper Power.

In the Whisper Power range, the Octo Power represent modular solutions for energy autonomy allowing pleasure boats to do without a generator. This range expands considerably to cover all lengths of pleasure craft.

Whisper Power Octo Power 6

Octo Power, what is it?

octo-power from Whisper Power is a modular system that simplifies the charging, conservation, transformation and management of current on board and makes it possible to do without a generator.

But is it magic or sorcery?

Not at all, it’s a concentrate of technology and ingenuity straight from the Netherlands.

How to do without a group on board? By installing batteries and a charging/conversion system adapted to the boat.

It’s easier said than done. Which Lithium batteries to choose, how to wire them, which fuse to fit to protect them or protect the network downstream, which charger to choose, how to solve the problem of solar charging when the batteries are full, how to charge them using the boat’s alternators?

New Octo Power at Seimi, simple is beautifull

The answers to these questions exist, but they require the work of a specialized design office or an installer with a very good technical level.

octo-power from Whisper Power answers all these questions in one fell swoop.

How ? By a total integration of the systems and problems mentioned above.

When you buy an Octopower, which comes in the form of two boxes, you get two things:

A pre-wired set comprising shore charger, DC-DC charger, wiring, fuses, T fuse, DC distribution and AC/DC converter.

A set comprising a rack made up of IP67 Super B batteries pre-assembled at the chosen capacity.

To make all this work in a pleasure boat, all that remains is to connect the AC 230 V input to the charger, the output of the 230 V converter to the 230 V distribution of the boat and the DC consumers to the integrated DC distribution .

It could hardly be simpler! The beauty of this solution lies in its pre-configuration, depending on the sizes and types of vessels, from 35 to over 60′, draw from a ready-made kit, Octo Power 3, 6, 7, 14 or 25, define your capacity of batteries and you get a powerful and complete system, ready to plug in.

The design offices of Seimi and Whisper Power stand ready to define, with the sending of a simple system sketch, the most sophisticated configurations.

The charging-management-conversion module (G) and the storage module (batteries -D-)The charging-management-conversion module (G) and the storage module (batteries -D-)

The charging-management-conversion module (G) and the storage module (batteries -D-)


Created in 1969, SEIMI is an expert distributor in the field of technical marine equipment. Subsidiary of the Alliance Marine group, Seimi advises and supplies shipyards, distributors and specialist installers for a wide range of technical marine products.

Electricity, steering gear, propulsion, deck, safety, gangway, comfort, fishing or hydraulic equipment, SEIMI represents the biggest brands and works with leading manufacturers. An in-house design office studies and sizes special projects.

Seimi is Whisper Power’s exclusive distributor for France.


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New Octo Power at Seimi, simple is beautifull

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New Octo Power at Seimi, simple is beautifull –

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