Here’s to the unfairly underrated power of orgasm

The orgasm, final bouquet of the pleasures of the flesh, is capable of sending us waltzing to another planet, both literally and figuratively. In any case, this is what a new TikTok phenomenon, called “method O”, implies, sex magick or manifestation by orgasm. This trend aligned with esotericism suggests seizing the magic of orgasm to achieve our ambitions.

Because yes, beyond sending us into orbit, enjoyment galvanizes an unequaled spiritual force. As our Celine Dion would say “I’ll cast spells on you to love me again”. On this day dedicated to orgasm, it’s time to lift the sheet on its mystical powers. Spoiler: well exploited, this sexual energy is as effective as an “abracadabra”.

orgasm is a entrance ticket to the 7th heaven that we would not refuse for anything in the world. As soon as he points the tip of his nose, the astral register is the only one able to describe these almost supernatural sensations. We are in weightlessness, familiarizing ourselves with a parallel dimension. Admittedly, the orgasm is as brief as a shooting star, but it always leaves us blissful. Moreover, if the orgasm seems to belong to another universe, more celestial, it is perhaps not so trivial. That’s even what attempts to crack a TikTok trend titled sex magick.

Democratized by tiktoker HotHighPriestessthis precept consists in harnessing our sexual energy to tickle our dearest wishes with the fingertips. A promotion, a new “Jules”, a return of money, an apartment… sex magick has the same potential as a bewitched wand.

For good reason, he appeals to the law of attraction, a belief that we attract what we feel. According to HotHighPriestess, orgasm would be the perfect climax to manifest our desires. What a foot, isn’t it? Instead of rubbing Aladdin’s lamp, we rub our clit with tenderness, the effect is the same (and it’s much more appealing).

Orgasm, powerful eventwould therefore be the hyphen with the deities and would achieve what we all hope for. It’s a royal way to finally flirt with the “good luck attitude”.

“When you have an orgasm, you’re going to visualize exactly what you want as if you already have it, because after you do that, it’s up to you. You opened that fucking portal. You have seen the future. You vibrate at this frequency,” describes HotHighPriestess

What does Sex Magick look like in practice?

If the Sex Magick titillates the entire web for a few months, it is however nothing new. Updated in the 19th century in a rather pejorative way, because inspired by occult forces, Sex Magick embraced its first glories in the 80s under the impetus of the writer Margot Anand.

Today it is massively taken over by new generation “Sabrina” who swears only by herbal potions and tarot decks. But that does not prevent the “Cartesians” from indulging in it.

Believe in it hard as iron

No need to make unpronounceable incantations à la Charmed or to embalm the house of incense, this ritual of the same family as the tantric sex is a little more “down to earth”. The secret to achieving this is to put a lot of will into it.

First it should be clearly visualize what you want, to project. This can be through writing, singing, drawing or other means of expression with which one feels comfortable. Then comes the decisive moment: the flight to 7th heaven. Despite the onslaught of shivers, it is essential to stay focused on your primary goal. Our soul must be in total osmosis with our thought.

Executed alone or in duo, Sex Magick requires a very great self-control. Whether the delivery person has his finger on the bell or your partner has a piece of salad stuck between his teeth, focus comes first.

“When you climax, send all that energy towards your goal. For example, if you want more abundance in your life, when you enjoy, you can imagine money raining down on you or seeing yourself entering the job of your dreams,” says Kristen J. Sollée, author of Witches, Sluts, Feminists: Conjuring the Sex Positive, at Dazed

Use the symbolism of colors

If the 50 shades of “Grey” have managed to make their mark in the naughty sphere, the other colors are not unworthy. The Sex Magick maintains an intimate link with the symbolism of colors. Because yes, each shade is saturated with hidden meanings.

the green expresses moneythe pink for lovethe white healing symbol and the purple for the “work” aspect. The colors are a sounding board for the sexual energies. No need to make up like a clown, a pink stocking accompanied by a magenta liner is more than enough for this preamble.

Sex Magick fascinates crowds 2.0. However, this method studded with mysteries still raises some reservations. She makes, among other things, the apology of orgasm, a rare commodity for 49% of French women. So despite a planetary craze, Sex Magick should not turn into an “obsessive” obsession.

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Here’s to the unfairly underrated power of orgasm

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