Charente-Maritime: these men and women who have decided to change jobs and lives

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Profiles marked by a fed up with their… Profiles marked by a fed up with their professional situation and even, for some, affected by a burn-out. Repair hearts, bodies, minds and boost self-esteem to bounce back better. This is one of Hervé’s missions. “The idea being that taking stock of your professional and personal life … Read more

The Exponentielles collective presents “A Sacred Africa”: Women, shellfish and ecological prospective – Lequotidien – Journal d’information Générale

It is exhibited a few meters from the Henriette Bathily Women’s Museum. “A Sacred Africa”, by the Exponentielles collective, is not limited to being a replica of the black continent with material from the sea. It reads like an ecological metaphor. It is intended to be the first step towards a museum dedicated to shellfish. … Read more

Fight against gender-based violence in Boulgou: Women are dying in Zabré

Fight against gender based violence in Boulgou Women are dying in

Gender-based violence is recurrent in the locality of Zabré, a commune in the province of Boulgou In the region from Center-East. A exchange framework with women in the morning of June 04, 2022, at the town hall of Zabré, allowed us to get to grips with the situation. Not a single day goes by without … Read more

“Sport saved my life”: immersion in an association that helps women victims of violence to rebuild themselves

It’s a date they don’t want to miss. An outstretched hand that they gladly welcome. It is 2:45 p.m. at the Champ-de-Mars in Paris. The sun tries to make its way through scattered clouds. It’s nice out. This Tuesday, May 31, Myriam, Badia and Sandrine attended the muscle building session led by Karine Roussier. Short … Read more

DRC: murders of women accused of witchcraft are increasing in South Kivu – La Libre Afrique

Doused with gasoline and then burned alive, the old Nyabadeux met an atrocious end after being accused of witchcraft, like dozens of women in recent months in villages in South Kivu, a province in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo. . Since the beginning of September alone, the local authorities have counted eight … Read more

Torture for gossip, prostitution…Here are the 11 tortures of the Middle Ages reserved for women

Torture for gossip prostitutionHere are the 11 tortures of the

During the time of the Middle Ages, women suffered atrocious punishments, for each fault committed. Whether for a case of gossip, prostitution or suspicion of witchcraft, they are punished, in the harshest of ways. We list 11 of them. Tortures for gossip In the Middle Ages, it was better to know how to hold your … Read more

‘Women accused of witchcraft are crucified in public’ – BBC News Africa

Women accused of witchcraft are crucified in public BBC

Harriet Orrell BBC 100 Women December 11, 2021 Photo credit, Shali Reddy image caption, Monica Paulus has dedicated her life to campaigning against violence linked to accusations of witchcraft. “They shouted in my face: ‘You killed him’”. When Monica Paulus’ father collapsed and died of a heart attack, her brother accused her of killing him … Read more

In Spain, under the floats of Holy Week, women still contested – Teller Report

In Spain under the floats of Holy Week women still

Supported, advancing at a haunting pace, they carry on their necks a chariot of Christ and the Virgin weighing one and a half tons. In Spain, during Holy Week, women “costaleras” perform the same physical feat as men, but remain controversial. From the tank that paces more than ten hours during the streets of Granada … Read more