Horror and romance films that skilfully blend two genres | Pretty Reel

Horror and romance films that skilfully blend two genres

It’s quite a challenge to successfully merge opposing polar film genres; Horror and romance are two of the hardest to mix together, but when done effectively they can yield remarkable results. Some of cinema’s most thrilling and memorable images feature the combination of conflicting styles, with movie studios capitalizing on fanbases who adore each method. … Read more

Horror Cinema Today: Between Annoyance and Hope | LeMagduCine

Horror Cinema Today Between Annoyance and Hope LeMagduCine

Cinema is a vector of emotions among which fear can seem to be the ugly duckling. Indeed, fear is at first sight, like melancholy, something we should fear rather than seek. And yet, audiences want to scare themselves, counting on brave little souls to give them shivers of terror. This is all the ambiguity of … Read more

Charlotte Colbert (She Will): “The trauma is lived like a horror film” – CinéSéries

Charlotte Colbert She Will The trauma is lived like a

Excellent horrific surprise of this end of the year, “She Will” tells how a woman manages to free herself from a trauma by receiving help from mysterious forces. For the release of this film with superb aesthetics, we met the director Charlotte Colbert. she will : beloved witches First feature film by the Franco-British artist … Read more

The man of our lives (M6): “A horror!” Héléna Noguerra returns to this particularly difficult scene to shoot in the series

The man of our lives M6 A horror Helena Noguerra

When four women are cheated by the same man, female solidarity can become a weapon of mass destruction! Alongside Odile Vuillemin, Élodie Frégé (who made tender confidences about her lover) and Flora Bonaventura, Helena Noguerraalias Mathilde, will learn it the hard way in The man of our livesthe new series of M6 to discover from … Read more

The 8 horror games to make to thrill at Halloween on PlayStation Plus Extra

The 8 horror games to make to thrill at Halloween

Game News The 8 horror games to make to thrill at Halloween on PlayStation Plus Extra Published on 29/10/2022 at 13:15 If there is one night where you can have the pleasure of being scared, it is October 31st. Do you like dark universes? Disturbing? Tortured? Bloody? We have what you need. Here is a … Read more

3 good horror series to (re)watch on Netflix for Halloween

3 good horror series to rewatch on Netflix for Halloween

The best side of Halloween, apart from being able to dress up flamboyantly and allow yourself to indulge in deliciously kitsch apartment decoration, is the opportunity to curl up in a plaid (black ) to watch terrifying stories. To celebrate the evening of October 31 in style, an overview of three horrific nuggets to (re)discover … Read more

Horror movies, dance, escape game… Halloween is available in Arrageois-Ternois

Horror movies dance escape game Halloween is available in Arrageois Ternois

Dozens of activities related to the Day of the Dead will take place, not only on October 31, but also the week before Halloween. Here is a small – non-exhaustive – list of places to shiver happily. Halloween activities will not be lacking during the holidays, and especially on D-Day! Published: October 26, 2022 at … Read more

10 Scariest Horror Movie Babies, Ranked | Pretty Reel

Caissons de privation sensorielle debrancher les sens pour se

With the 2023 remake of The Exorcist on the horizon, horror fans might find themselves thinking about the creepy kids trope. Children are generally seen as innocent, sweet and kind, babies are the epitome of that, which is why the trope of inherently evil or murderous babies is so universally frightening. Whether they were born … Read more