Increasingly seduced by the occult and fake news, many young people are wary of science

1673557896 Increasingly seduced by the occult and fake news many young

Visactu Examples? The pyramids of Egypt were built, for 19% of respondents, by extraterrestrials. You can abort without risk with a simple herbal tea (25%). The big step for humanity that Neil Armstrong took in the summer of 1969 is a big joke: Americans have never been to the Moon (20%). They are also 27% … Read more

First witch at the stake, is Angèle de la Barthe fake news?

First witch at the stake is Angele de la Barthe

For some, she was the first victim of the witch hunt that raged for several centuries in Europe. Angela de la Barthe even has fans who do not hesitate to take his nickname on social networks. In the imagination of contemporary followers of the Sabbath, this Toulousewho is said to have been indicted and sentenced … Read more

France: Three Algerian women defrauded by a fake Moroccan marabout

France Three Algerian women defrauded by a fake Moroccan marabout

Three Algerian nationals have been victims of an incredible fraud case in the town of Châtellerault, in western France. According to the regional daily La Nouvelle République, which gave the information on June 25, the three women, aged 57, 62 and 64, were victims of a particular scam in the middle of town and in … Read more

Scam: this fake parcel delivery SMS can rob you, be careful!

Scam this fake parcel delivery SMS can rob you be

Are you expecting a package and have you received an SMS or email from a delivery service? Beware of scams and scams! Phishing is the popular internet scam. 🔴[#ALERTE #Cybersécurité] waves going wrong #SMS delivery of #package ⚠️ Risks: #viruspiracy of #telephonetheft of passwords, #piracy accounts, mass SMS sending… 🛡️ Don’t click! More information 👇 … Read more

Witchcraft: fake witches but real killers in Malawi

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At least 75 people suspected of witchcraft in Malawi have been killed by revenge mobs since 2019, according to CHRR, a local NGO. Three years ago, on Boxing Day, an angry mob, unleashed by rumors of witchcraft, hunted down and lynched a grieving family, a murderous incident characteristic of the violence that the country is … Read more

Scared Of Crypto? Here’s How You Can Spot Fake Crypto Exchanges

Scared Of Crypto Heres How You Can Spot Fake Crypto

The growing popularity of crypto has led to an increase in the number of crypto investors as well as genuine and fake crypto exchanges. A cryptocurrency exchange is a marketplace, where cryptocurrencies can be bought and sold. Crypto exchanges provide storage for crypto along with trading services and price discovery through trading activity. Incidentally, cybersecurity … Read more

“The Witch Hunt Has Developed Like Fake News” – Swiss Catholic Portal

The Witch Hunt Has Developed Like Fake News – Swiss

Recent steps aim to rehabilitate witches and wizards executed in past centuries. A rather positive movement, according to the Vaudois medievalist Martine Ostorero, but which must be accompanied by a deeper understanding of the phenomenon of witch hunts, and an awareness that these mechanisms are still relevant. A Bill in the Scottish Parliament should be … Read more