The Franciscans of the Bronx, “angels” of the outskirts – Swiss Catholic Portal

The Franciscans of the Bronx angels of the outskirts –

The ‘Franciscans of the Renewal’, nicknamed ‘Franciscans of the Bronx’, are at the service of the underprivileged populations of the big cities. Two of them, Raphaël and Angelo, gave their testimony to the Metanoia festival, in St-Maurice (VS). “Liam* had a criminal record as long as his arm,” recalls Angelo. When he came to the … Read more

Brigitte of Sweden: a mystic in the heart of the powerful – Swiss Catholic Portal

Brigitte of Sweden a mystic in the heart of the

The secular Saint Bridget of Sweden marked Europe in the 14th century. His birthday, July 23, is an opportunity to return to an unknown figure with an exceptional temperament and destiny. Founder of the Order of the Most Holy Savior, known as the “Brigittines”, nicknamed the “Sybille of the North” for her many visions, her … Read more

Jesuits hoist the banner of Lucifer over a Catholic school

Quelques types de sport a pratiquer en cas de fatigue

Facts In January 2021, the School of the Nativity, a school founded in 2003 by the Jesuits of College of the Holy Crossbegan to fly the flag of the gay-prideas well as the flag of the movement Black Lives Matter. School president Thomas McKenney said in a statement on the school’s website that the initiative … Read more

These exploding Catholic podcasts, and the reasons for such success

1654622710 These exploding Catholic podcasts and the reasons for such success

They are called Zeteo, Bethesda, Les deux pieds dans le font, Un beau jour, Un cœur qui enseignement or Maman pray and have in common this ambition to move, enlighten or edify their listeners through their voices. These are podcasts, these digital audio content in full expansion, all over the world and among Catholics. “I … Read more

“The Witch Hunt Has Developed Like Fake News” – Swiss Catholic Portal

The Witch Hunt Has Developed Like Fake News – Swiss

Recent steps aim to rehabilitate witches and wizards executed in past centuries. A rather positive movement, according to the Vaudois medievalist Martine Ostorero, but which must be accompanied by a deeper understanding of the phenomenon of witch hunts, and an awareness that these mechanisms are still relevant. A Bill in the Scottish Parliament should be … Read more

Meditation by Bishop Aveline given during the prayer vigil for the canonization of Charles de Foucauld – Catholic Church in France

“Let us look at the saints but do not dwell on them. Let us take advantage of their examples but without dwelling on them for long. Let us not seek to imitate them but, with them, to imitate Christ, who is the unique model”, wrote Charles de Foucauld. So let’s follow his advice. And let’s … Read more