Witches and witchcraft: these 5 books that have bewitched us

Witches and witchcraft these 5 books that have bewitched us

Autumn and its increasingly long nights, windows lined with pumpkins and pointy hats, Halloween is here. It is therefore the perfect opportunity to talk about witches and witchcraft, because this female figure (and now a feminist) has regained her letters of nobility, mainly thanks to literature. Here are the 5 favorites of the CNEWS editorial … Read more

Presentation and perception of witches through time

Presentation and perception of witches through time

And there were gossips sitting there, By one, by two, by three… Witches and wizards have long been depicted in different ways throughout history, sometimes wicked, evil, cruel, naughty, sinful or so benevolent, protective, divine, warm in communion with nature or even adolescent icon. What we want in this article is to show … Read more

Scotland could pardon nearly 3,000 ‘witches’ executed between 16th and 18th centuries

A bill supported by the majority MPs in the Scottish Parliament should come back this summer on the conviction for witchcraft of thousands of individuals. including a large majority of women. There was fire. Almost three centuries after the death of the last “witch” in the United Kingdom, the Scottish Parliament could pardon some 2,600 … Read more

DRC: how to explain the rise of the phenomenon of “child witches?”

DRC how to explain the rise of the phenomenon of

They are the subject of scapegoats in their families. In the Democratic Republic of Congo, where nearly 73% of the population lives below the poverty line, According to figures from the World Bank, some children are struck by a curse. Or rather, the political, economic and social context curses these children. Described as “sorcerers”, they … Read more

Who are the new witches of the 21st century?

Once hunted down and burned, the witch has been gradually rehabilitated since the 19th century. The witch today embodies a multitude of figures, starting with that of the benefactress magician associated with neo-pagan movements. One of the best known is wicca (inspired by the English witch, “witch”), codified in the 1950s in England. This religion … Read more

Welcome to the “WitchTok”, the community of witches who share their spells on TikTok

Internet users who present themselves as witches use this hashtag to document their rituals on the platform. Women for the most part, often young, who mix centuries-old practices and new technologies. For some, Halloween is just a chance for kids to beg candy from their neighbors. For others, the date of October 31 has a … Read more

Witches, oracles and other literary divinations

Witches oracles and other literary divinations

It is not customary, between our pages, to speak of divination or esotericism. However, according to Gaspard’s Bilan du marché du livre au Québec, this sector totaled $967,356 in sales in 2021. This sum, moreover, represents a significant increase of 49.8% compared to the previous year, with its tarots and horoscopes at the top of … Read more