Health crisis: the Court of Cassation temporarily puts a stop to the hunt for the scapegoat

Health crisis the Court of Cassation temporarily puts a stop

January 25, 2023 On January 20, the plenary assembly of the Court of Cassation – its highest formation – canceled the indictment pronounced against Agnès Buzyn by the investigating commission of the Court of Justice of the Republic (CJR), in the case of covid, on the count of endangering the lives of others. The plenary … Read more

The witch hunt: miscarriage of justice and misogynistic conspiracy

The detonating Silence of Falk Richter

Three questions to Brigitte Rochelandet Historian, specialist in the history of mentalities, Brigitte Rochelandet is particularly interested in the history of women (several articles have appeared on this subject in The French Journal of Genealogy). For her tenth book, she chose the prism of witchcraft trials, a subject she masters perfectly well, having made it … Read more

“The Witch Hunt Has Developed Like Fake News” – Swiss Catholic Portal

The Witch Hunt Has Developed Like Fake News – Swiss

Recent steps aim to rehabilitate witches and wizards executed in past centuries. A rather positive movement, according to the Vaudois medievalist Martine Ostorero, but which must be accompanied by a deeper understanding of the phenomenon of witch hunts, and an awareness that these mechanisms are still relevant. A Bill in the Scottish Parliament should be … Read more

“The Contemplation of Mystery”: A Mystical Hunt

Whether for the theater or for the cinema, Emmanuel Schwartz has always been attracted by complex characters that allow him to explore the gray areas of the human soul. The role he plays in the psychological drama The contemplation of the mystery is no exception. “He’s a kind of metrosexual Hercules, a tragic urban hero,” … Read more