Increasingly seduced by the occult and fake news, many young people are wary of science

1673557896 Increasingly seduced by the occult and fake news many young

Visactu Examples? The pyramids of Egypt were built, for 19% of respondents, by extraterrestrials. You can abort without risk with a simple herbal tea (25%). The big step for humanity that Neil Armstrong took in the summer of 1969 is a big joke: Americans have never been to the Moon (20%). They are also 27% … Read more

The puzzle of Alexis and Lucie seduced Saint-Geniès-de-Fontedit

Yoga of sound when singing takes a relaxing turn

In small towns, bars bring an extra soul, a place where different generations meet. Midi Libre invites you to discover some of them. Today, the puzzle in Saint-Geniès-de-Fontedit. “Don’t break your head”. Quesaco? This is the name chosen by Alexis Leroy and Lucie Aubineau to baptize their bar. “We lived six months in New Caledonia … Read more