[CARTE BLANCHE POUR NOEL] The grass is fresh from the morning dew (by Eric Le Parc) – Ar Gedour

CARTE BLANCHE POUR NOEL The grass is fresh from the

Like last year, Ar Gedour leaves the pen to occasional readers and contributors, allowing you through their words to immerse yourself in the Christmas spirit. The card is totally white… only the theme is imposed: Christmas. Here, it is Eric Le Parc who offers his pen. Lgrass, or rather what’s left of it. The barbed … Read more

Brazil-Tunisia: “A dream!”, in the hearts of Tunisian fans before the gala match at the Parc des Princes

Why walking is a good exercise to lose weight

Future opponents of France during the group stage of the World Cup in Qatar, the Carthage Eagles will play their last preparation match this Tuesday evening against Brazil in a Parc des Princes which should be largely tinged with red and white. Report in the heart of the Tunisian supporters. It is 4 p.m. this … Read more

Summer in Nantes: children are addicted to Babybob, the mythical attraction of the Parc de Procé

Summer in Nantes children are addicted to Babybob the mythical

By thomas bernard Published on 25 Jul 22 at 18:32 News Nantes See my news Follow this media The Babybob has had a makeover with a new yellow track. (©Thomas Bernard / News Nantes) “I want to do this carousel”, a dozen children had the same reaction while passing in front of the babybobthe mythical … Read more

Acrobatic diving, “Olympic” athletes and “Gallic sauce”: how Parc Astérix has reinvented its aquatic show without the dolphins

Acrobatic diving Olympic athletes and Gallic sauce how Parc

No doubt: you must have taken a good dose of magic potion to take up the challenge of jumping from a diving board 25 meters high. Since July 14, 2022, Parc Astérix, in Plailly, in the Oise, has officially launched its new summer season “L’été gaulois”, inaugurating several new features, such as extended opening hours … Read more

tout ce qu’un parc d’attractions peut nous apprendre sur la conception des jeux vidéo – Chatborgne

Certaines personnes sont repoussées par le parcs d’attractions. Trop de monde, trop de temps perdu dans les files d’attente, peur des attractions… Je suis dans le camp opposé. Pour moi, le voyage idéal comprend la visite d’un parc d’attractions dans la région, et s’il s’agit d’un grand parc, c’est un endroit idéal. comme avoir l’impression … Read more

Charles Stépanoff at Parc Galea: “The shamans show us the richness of human cultures”

The ethnologist has studied the shamanic practices of the Siberian peoples. It was Sunday at Galea Park to tell us about these men in connection with the invisible Animals, trees, spirits… For the shamans studied by the ethnologist Charles Stépanoff in Siberia, the whole world is endowed with an emotion and the rituals make it … Read more

Parc Astérix: “Tonnerre de Zeus”, the flagship attraction put on hold

Parc Asterix Tonnerre de Zeus the flagship attraction put on

Opened in 1997, the carousel is a reference for many French people who can wait an hour before climbing the roller coaster. Opened in 1997, the carousel is a reference for many French people who can wait an hour before climbing the roller coaster. AFP PHOTO – AFP Published: November 4, 2021 at 2:20 p.m. … Read more

What is the least lucky zodiac sign? – Parc Haute Borne

It is said that the wheel turns, alas it sometimes turns less to the advantage of some than for others. In astrology, there are four families: Air, Water, Fire and Earth and there are signs that are luckier than others. Indeed, the differences between individuals and their characters can sometimes be decisive. This article will … Read more

What are Nostradamus’ predictions for 2044? – Parc Haute Borne

For many people, it is important to consult. Nostradamus, one of the greatest prophets in the world therefore intervenes to enlighten people. It makes it possible to bring a point of clarification to their various requests. Although the methods and the divinatory art of this prophet are not understood by all, many people nevertheless succeed … Read more

The myth of winning the lottery with a clock – Parc Haute Borne

You have always played the lottery, but never had the chance to win. Yet there are players next to you who are winning every day. Having heard about the wave and divinatory powers of the pendulum, you have decided to apply it to the lottery in order to see if the popular reflections are really … Read more