Deplorable increase in the number of human trafficking cases

Yoga of sound when singing takes a relaxing turn

85 is the number of cases relating to human trafficking recorded in 2021, at the level of all the courts of the country, an increase of 8% compared to 2020 (79 cases), indicates the annual report of the ministry. public, recently published. An increase that fits perfectly into a significant upward trend in the number … Read more

God at the heart of our human precariousness

God at the heart of our human precariousness

Homily On this Sunday of the Nativity of the Lord, Abbé Pascal KOLESNORÉ, invites us to a meditation under the theme: “God at the heart of our human precariousness “. VSEvery Sunday, La Croix Africa takes up the commentary taken from the missal “Prions en Eglise Afrique”, published by Bayard Afrique. Let’s imagine a Christmas … Read more

The Angel or the overcoming of the Human. APEF-AUF International Conference (Coimbra)

The detonating Silence of Falk Richter

The Angel or the overcoming of the Human International conference APEF-AUF (20 years of APEF – /) Faculty of Letters of the University of Coimbra 30 and 31 March 2023 (1er call) The Portuguese Association for French Studies (APEF), within the framework of a project of the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF), has engaged … Read more

Human remains and rusty scalpels: the discovery of a “temple” sends shivers down the spine

Human remains and rusty scalpels the discovery of a temple

In the Hautes-Pyrénées three young men discovered bones in what could be a temple. It is a horrifying discovery. In the town of Trébons in the Hautes-Pyrénées, a skull and bones were discovered on the night of Friday to Saturday December 2, 2022. Three young urban exploration specialists made this macabre discovery. They immediately called … Read more

Chair(wo)man | Musician Maarten Devoldere: “The dark side of the human being fascinates me”

Chairwoman Musician Maarten Devoldere The dark side of the

November 10, 2022 Today at 14:02 Maarten Devoldere, the leader of the bands Balthazar and Warhaus, talks to us about what gets him out of his “Monobloc” chair: meditation, takeaway meals and Leonardo da Vinci. What is the chair of your life? “Spontaneously, I would say the chair in my hotel room in Palermo, where … Read more

Human comedy in Saint-Germain-des-Prés

Human comedy in Saint Germain des Pres

Posted Oct 12, 2022 11:30 AM The problem is simple: Zoé, 33, released Lucien, 68. What to do with it? Nothing. Suffer. The narrator-writer recounts his horrors. Regrets and non-regrets, a hollow portrait of this third wife, “a light asker of heavy questions”. He adds, “She was like those tennis ball throwing machines we used … Read more

Gregory Maqoma in Lyon: The Valley of human sound – ResMusica

Gregory Maqoma in Lyon The Valley of human sound

More details Lyons. Dance House. 1-X-2022. The Valley of human sound. Choreography: Gregory Maqoma. With dancers from the Lyon Opera Ballet: Katrien De Bakker, Noëllie Conjaud, Caelyn Knight, Maeva Lassere, and folk singer: Angela Flahault. Composition: Greg Gilg. Scenography, lighting: Fabiana Piccioli. Sound design: Jean-Pierre Barbier, Opéra de Lyon For his new show dedicated to … Read more

Aude – We chatted with a shaman: “Human beings are afraid of what they don’t know”

Aude We chatted with a shaman Human beings are

Without any a priori but with questions. This is how we went for a walk to the festival of neoshamanism which is being held on Friday 16, Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 September on the site of the Montagne des Aigles in Cazilhac, a stone’s throw from Carcassonne. Between two workshops with speakers from all … Read more

Charles Stépanoff at Parc Galea: “The shamans show us the richness of human cultures”

The ethnologist has studied the shamanic practices of the Siberian peoples. It was Sunday at Galea Park to tell us about these men in connection with the invisible Animals, trees, spirits… For the shamans studied by the ethnologist Charles Stépanoff in Siberia, the whole world is endowed with an emotion and the rituals make it … Read more