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It is said that the wheel turns, alas it sometimes turns less to the advantage of some than for others. In astrology, there are four families: Air, Water, Fire and Earth and there are signs that are luckier than others. Indeed, the differences between individuals and their characters can sometimes be decisive. This article will develop the subject of the most unlucky astrological signs and particularly the least lucky sign of the zodiac.

Virgo, the least lucky astrological sign of the zodiac

Some signs are considered lucky signs, that is, signs that literally attract good luck on a daily basis. This is the case for example of the sign of Sagittarius. Unfortunately, not all signs have this glorious reputation. Some of them are even seen as real black cats. This is the case with the sign of Virgo, which is considered the champion of bad luck.

Meticulous, manic and considered unlucky

The sign of Virgo (August 23 – September 22) is undoubtedly the least lucky. It’s simple, the natives of this sign have the annoying tendency to be psycho-rigid. Therefore, they leave no room for chance in their lives. For these people, everything must be foreseen and the plan strictly adhered to. We therefore leave no room for the unexpected, because it is something that scares them very much. People born under the sign Virgo want to know in advance where they are setting foot. Otherwise, they will not launch.
Thus, if the Virgo is unlucky and lacks luck, it is because he does absolutely nothing to cause this bit of luck. For him, chance should not interfere with his plans. Everything must be prepared in advance and be intentional. The Virgo has great self-confidence, so he has faith only in his work and knows that it will bear fruit without fate giving him a boost. In addition, Virgos are often very ambitious and end up getting what they want most of the time.

Virgo misses many opportunities

The lack of luck of the natives of the Virgo sign is therefore mainly caused by their behavior. Because of their character, they do not cause luck at all and even when an opportunity arises, they find it difficult to seize it. The problem is that being in control all the time, Virgo people miss many opportunities.

Even when luck smiles on them, they have many doubts and let the opportunity slip away. If Virgo is so unlucky, it’s because they are reasonable, pragmatic and don’t trust luck.

What are the other signs unluckiest astrological signs in the zodiac?

Besides Virgo, several other signs can be considered unlucky. This is the case of Cancer and Capricorn.

The cancer

Cancer is a water sign that according to astrologers mostly sees evil everywhere and only focuses on what’s wrong. With this behavior, even if he is lucky, whether in love or in the context of work, Cancer will convince himself that this is not the case. He will look for where the problem is and miss great opportunities. Moreover, inhabited by the fear of being disappointed, he prefers not to take the risk of profiting from it.
Don’t forget that Cancer likes to stay in their comfort zone, especially women born under this sign. While to provoke or take advantage of luck, you have to think outside the box, apply yourself to making changes and efforts, which these natives are not necessarily ready to accept and provide over time.


For astrologers, Capricorns are very pessimistic. Their zodiac sign is also considered the emanation of pessimism. Indeed, Capricorns are known to be hardened people with a very dark view of the world. It is mainly for this reason that they consider themselves unlucky.
However, nothing is fixed in astrology and things can therefore change. Capricorns must learn to let go of the pressure they tend to put on their backs and approach life with a much more benevolent outlook.

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What is the least lucky zodiac sign? – Parc Haute Borne

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