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For many people, it is important to consult. Nostradamus, one of the greatest prophets in the world therefore intervenes to enlighten people. It makes it possible to bring a point of clarification to their various requests. Although the methods and the divinatory art of this prophet are not understood by all, many people nevertheless succeed in interpreting them. The works of Nostradamus are published and are on the market to give predictions for the years 1555 to the present day. It should be noted that several prophecies of Nostradamus have already come true.

Nostradamus: who is it?

He is a prophet born on December 14, 1503 and from the region of Saint-Rémy-de-Provence in France. His real name is Michel de Nostredame. Very quickly, he became preoccupied with subjects of philosophy in the city of Avignon and studied medicine at the University of Montpellier.

In the years 1529 he officially received the rank of doctor of medicine. He was the first born of several children and his father was a merchant. He managed to make a fortune while practicing medicine. In 1547 he began his first years of predictions and prophecies inspired by several astrological studies and a divine side.

According to several documents and studies, these predictions often come to him in a state of meditation when he stares at water or fire. What makes the prophet Nostradamus special is his style of prediction based on rhyming quatrains. Indeed, this style of prediction offers different appreciations and interpretations according to each reader. It is usually composed of several languages, enigmatic words and anagrams.

Very ahead of time, the predictions of this prophet reflect the impressive side of his divinatory art. Some of his prophecies are already coming true in the year 2022. What to be less skeptical about predictions about future years like 2044.

What are the shocking prophecies of 2043?

For the prophet, the year 2043 will be marked by two important facts: the looting of Libya by the French and the Libyans and the dismissal of the armies of Central Europe from Italy. Of course, these different predictions follow a succession of events occurring from 2022 to 2043.

Quatrains can also be interpreted differently as this one is not clear except to interpretation experts. The century IV. Quatrain 04 received an explanation from each part which made it possible to give an overall meaning to the whole quatrain.

The explanation of the quatrain

The quatrain reads: “The impotent prince angry, complains and quarrels” which has been explained as the anger of a crippled Libyan prince who cannot move. This one will complain and quarrel because of the various lootings and kidnappings of people committed by the French and the Libyans.

Then another part of the quatrain says: “Great is on the land by endless seas sails, sister Italy will be chasing Celtic”. Basically, the messages are all enigmatic but can be decoded and interpreted. This part of the quatrain signifies that some important ground and naval forces will come from Asia.

These are the peoples of the Hallstatt civilization living in Central Europe in countries such as Austria, Switzerland, Southern Germany, Hungary, Northern Italy, Moravia, Bohemia, Western Slovakia, Galicia etc…

Meaning of the quatrain

Basically, a crippled Libyan prince gets angry and quarrels because of the looting and kidnapping of people by the French and the Libyans. Countless naval, ground and military troops burst in from Asia. Italy although sister and friend of France will drive out all the armies of the countries of central Europe of its country.

What are the predictions for the year 2044?

Indeed, the year 2044 is an almost special year. After this year, great events followed and changed the course of history. First, 2044 marks the beginning or at least it shows the first signs of the war to come. According to Nostradamus, the 3rd World War will take place in 2045. It will be marked by the use of several intercontinental missiles capable of annihilating or reducing several populations of a continent, if not the whole continent.

This war, which will occur in 2045, will follow a disagreement between several world nuclear powers. Every country in the world will have to choose a side and the world war will ensue. This world war will cause more than 60 million deaths worldwide. Clearly, this will be the bloodiest war and one that will cause more deaths and injuries all over the world.

In the quatrain of the year 2045 it is mentioned that there will be a pool of blood, famine, fighting and infectious diseases due to the various chemicals used at that time.

What should we think of the prophecies of Nostradamus?

The prophecies of this prophet are clearly not to be overlooked. Several of them have been interpreted and realized so far. The fulfillment of Nostradamus’ prophecies dates back a very long time (1559) when he predicted the death of Henry II.

They follow their course until this day even if all do not come true exactly as envisaged in the predictions of the prophet. Many of the prophet’s predictions and quatrains have been copied and rewritten by other people who also claim to be prophets.

Of course, this does not mean that all prophecies should be taken at face value. However, their realization leads us to pay attention to them, to give them a little more importance. Some Nostradamus prophecies have already come true for the year 2022. And for sure, many more will come true in the years to come.

What to learn from this prophet?

Nostradamus is a prophet born in France and having studied medicine. It was these studies that allowed him to make a fortune and then to embark on divination. These predictions are very well known to the general public because they have the particularity of coming true very often. For the year 2044, he predicted a pre-war period. The third world war will take place in 2045 according to the predictions of the prophet.

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What are Nostradamus’ predictions for 2044? – Parc Haute Borne

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