Meditation by Bishop Aveline given during the prayer vigil for the canonization of Charles de Foucauld – Catholic Church in France

“Let us look at the saints but do not dwell on them. Let us take advantage of their examples but without dwelling on them for long. Let us not seek to imitate them but, with them, to imitate Christ, who is the unique model”, wrote Charles de Foucauld. So let’s follow his advice. And let’s … Read more

Charles Jeffrey, the creator who explores the madness of London’s queer nightlife

Charles Jeffrey the creator who explores the madness of Londons

While waiting for our transformation into avatars in the metaverse, Numéro Homme paints portraits of very real faces: those of the fine flower of young men’s fashion designers. Gathered in Paris in front of the lens of Erwan Frotin, these designers of the future wear pieces from their own wardrobes and reveal to us the … Read more

Politique : Kaïs Saïed serait-il (réellement) une réincarnation de Henri II ou de Charles 1er ? – Kapitalis

Politique Kais Saied serait il reellement une reincarnation de Henri

Quand, en Tunisie, ceux qui se font nommer «opposition» parlent de tyrannie, de liberté, d’indépendance de la justice, et de démocratie, il faut comprendre de quoi il s’agit exactement. Car sans une justice, institution sous l’autorité de l’Etat, il ne saurait y avoir de justice équitable, ni à fortiori d’Etat. C’est ce que nous enseigne … Read more

Charles de Foucauld, who is the “universal brother” who will become a saint?

Charles de Foucauld who is the universal brother who will

His process for beatification had begun in the 1930s and he had been declared “blessed” in 2005 by Pope Benedict XVI. On Sunday morning, Charles de Foucauld will be canonized by Pope Francis in Rome, alongside nine other figures of the Church. Nothing predestined Viscount Charles-Eugène de Foucauld, born September 15, 1858 in Strasbourg into … Read more

The incredible success of Charles de Foucauld’s prayer of abandonment

The incredible success of Charles de Foucaulds prayer of abandonment

Known by all profiles of believers, Charles de Foucauld’s prayer of abandonment has acquired a universal dimension. But how to explain such success? Some 2.5 million. This is the number of views on YouTube of “Father, I surrender myself to you “. Enough to make a number of influencers jealous! The success of this song … Read more

Charles Hervé-Gruyer, pioneer of permaculture and resilience: “the food garden is probably the most useful act we can do for the planet”

Charles Herve Gruyer pioneer of permaculture and resilience the food garden

Charles Hervé-Gruyer is one of the pioneers of permaculture in France. For decades, at the Bec Hellouin farm, he has been striving to demonstrate the effectiveness of agriculture that respects nature and the seasons. Charles Hervé-Gruyer now offers a series of practical guides dedicated to resilience. Books from the Resiliences collection Ulmer editionswhich deal with … Read more

Press release from the Conference of Bishops of France: May 15, 2022, canonizations of Charles de Foucauld, Marie Rivier and César de Bus

Brother Charles de Foucauld (1858-1916)Charles de Foucauld was born in Strasbourg in 1958. After a dissipated youth, during a stay in Algeria, at the start of his military career, his discovery of believers in Islam moved him deeply and prepared him for his encounter with Christ. Back in France, he saw a radical conversion after … Read more

Charles Stépanoff at Parc Galea: “The shamans show us the richness of human cultures”

The ethnologist has studied the shamanic practices of the Siberian peoples. It was Sunday at Galea Park to tell us about these men in connection with the invisible Animals, trees, spirits… For the shamans studied by the ethnologist Charles Stépanoff in Siberia, the whole world is endowed with an emotion and the rituals make it … Read more

Le phalanstère, la folle utopie de Charles Fourier

Le phalanstere la folle utopie de Charles Fourier

Prenez un grand lieu d’habitations partagées, un espace solidaire où vivent des centaines de familles, cultivant ensemble fruits et légumes, partageant leurs ressources comme leurs loisirs. S’agit-il d’un tiers-lieu autogéré breton ? Une nouvelle communauté décroissante qui a émergé à l’aune du réchauffement climatique ? Non, cette description de cité autonome renvoie à un projet … Read more