Loir et Cher. Montoire Festival: the meeting of world cultures

Loir et Cher Montoire Festival the meeting of world cultures

By Writing Le Petit Courrier – L’Echo Published on 3 Aug 22 at 15:36 The Courier – The Echo See my news Follow this media The Montoire festival will open its 49th edition on August 10. ©Archives. From wednesday 10 to Monday, August 15, 2022 will take place on Festival from Montoire (Loir et Cher). … Read more

Charles Stépanoff at Parc Galea: “The shamans show us the richness of human cultures”

The ethnologist has studied the shamanic practices of the Siberian peoples. It was Sunday at Galea Park to tell us about these men in connection with the invisible Animals, trees, spirits… For the shamans studied by the ethnologist Charles Stépanoff in Siberia, the whole world is endowed with an emotion and the rituals make it … Read more

Bible Meditation: When Cultures Collide

Sunday May 22, 2022, Sixth Sunday of Easter, four texts will be read.First reading Book of the Acts of the Apostles (Acts 15, 1-2.22-29).Psalm 66.Second reading Book of Revelation (Rev 21, 10-14.22-23).The Gospel according to Saint John (Jn 14, 23-29). Acts of the Apostles, 15, 1-2.22-29 In those days people from Judea to Antioch taught … Read more