Sugar, yoga, work, social networks: why are we all addicted? – She

Sugar yoga work social networks why are we all addicted

And you, how was your Dry January ? And your resolution to go less often on Instagram, to watch fewer series? Today, almost everyone feels “addicted” to something. One by one, people confide in their addiction, from Prince Harry to Camille Lellouche, from Bradley Cooper to Carla Bruni (who said she had consumed “30 to … Read more

Evelyne Dhéliat addicted to cosmetic surgery? She throws the truth!

Esotericism 20 when young people try their hand at divinatory

Evelyne Dhéliat no longer presents herself. This is a personality that several generations of viewers know. She holds longest career at TF1. His warm smile is an aspect that the public particularly appreciates about her. She recently accepted an interview with TV Grandes Chaînes. She talks about her opinion on cosmetic surgery and her secrets … Read more

Summer in Nantes: children are addicted to Babybob, the mythical attraction of the Parc de Procé

Summer in Nantes children are addicted to Babybob the mythical

By thomas bernard Published on 25 Jul 22 at 18:32 News Nantes See my news Follow this media The Babybob has had a makeover with a new yellow track. (©Thomas Bernard / News Nantes) “I want to do this carousel”, a dozen children had the same reaction while passing in front of the babybobthe mythical … Read more

What is this trick that can make your crush addicted?

Astro your horoscope for Tuesday July 5 2022

Astrology is becoming more and more democratized in popular culture and, with it, many esoteric practices are emerging every day. Just as Sex magick would make it possible to obtain what one wishes thanks to an orgasm or even the manifest dating would make it possible to attract to oneself the ideal relationship, the whispering … Read more

“I’m addicted to work, but I’m taking care of myself!” » : mindfulness to the rescue of « workaholics »

Do you know the “boulomania”? This is work addiction, a term derived from Anglicism workaholism to describe the uncontrollable need to work constantly, invented by the American psychologist and religious educator Wayne Oates in 1971. This addictive phenomenon is not related to the consumption of substances such as alcohol or drugs, but describes a behavioral … Read more

South Koreans are addicted to divination

Reading time: 2 min — Spotted on The Economist In cafes, in temples, in tents or on the street, between cheap clothing stalls and cosmetics shops: you can find tables of fortune tellers everywhere in South Korea. Some offer the Korean arts of morphopsychology (reading facial features), others palmistry (those of the hands) or tarot. … Read more