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You have always played the lottery, but never had the chance to win. Yet there are players next to you who are winning every day. Having heard about the wave and divinatory powers of the pendulum, you have decided to apply it to the lottery in order to see if the popular reflections are really true. Then you would like to know if a clock can really help to win the lottery. Here are some details that will help dispel all your worries.

Can the clock really help win the lottery?

The clock is arguably one of the most fearsome divination instruments of all time. This reality is well known to those who use it regularly. It is essential, even vital in the fields of clairvoyance, religion…

Moreover, it is highly recommended when it comes to boosting or increasing an individual’s chance of achieving something. Thus, to the question of whether the clock can help an individual win a lotto game, the answer is positive.

This is quite possible! As stated by Bernadette G., a former jackpot player who finally managed to win, after numerous attempts thanks to her divinatory pendulum. The divinatory clock can help win the lottery in several ways.

First, it can assist you in choosing positive numbers. Secondly, with a divinatory clock, you have the chance to have a vision of the winning number.

How to win the lottery with a divinatory pendulum?

Winning the lottery with a clock is not something complicated. It’s very easy, especially when you have a perfect command of the workings and handling techniques. Two possibilities are generally available to all players.

The drawing of winning numbers by dowsing

Dowsing is one of the different techniques for using the divinatory pendulum. It is a technique generally used to obtain information by metaphysical means. In reality, the non-physical part of the human being relays information from the central nervous system of the physical body through an autonomic function called the ideomotor response.

It is this answer which deals with the displacement of the instrument of dowsing. It is based on the so-called dowsing pendulum and can be performed with devices such as:

  • Willow branches;
  • Pendants;
  • The dowsing rods.

Dowsing is able to open communication channels between the dowser and negative energy. Indeed, your feelings, intentions and emotions can make it possible to establish the connection to a particular positive energy. It is therefore essential that you have a positive or balanced state of mind before trying dowsing.

Negativity or pessimism can destabilize you, make you vulnerable and thus harm your entire operation. In addition to the disposition of the mind, to win the lottery by drawing the winning numbers by dowsing, you must master parameters such as:

  • Manipulation of the pendulum;
  • The ideal draw day;
  • The number of numbers to be drawn.

The drawing of the winning numbers by dowsing consists of keeping the clock in gyration and then asking it to designate five numbers. The clock therefore begins to turn and will stop each time on the chosen number.

The vision of winning numbers when manipulating the clock

Endowed with a powerful power of clairvoyance, the pendulum has this ability to make you see signs that correspond to the winning numbers. For example, this can be a constituent of your date of birth or a combination of your children’s birth days. You may also see strings of numbers, including numbers like 41, 22, 25, 8, 7, or others.

What are the best clocks for playing the lottery?

You can try to play lotto with any type of pendulum you know how to handle. But the “special games” dowsing clock is the most used. This high quality “gaming specialty” pendulum is a very powerful receiver of positive waves increasing the chances of winning the lottery. It is a clock specially designed for games of chance.

Endowed with extreme sensitivity for reception and high emissive power, the special game clock has exceptional qualities for predicting good numbers. In addition, its ability to capture the magnetic field and its power of clairvoyance combined, makes it more effective in games of chance. It is made of quartz spar gemstones and is an excellent tool for divinations, riddles…

The lotto game: how to know if your pendulum is lying or telling the truth?

In principle, a pendulum response perceived as true is always followed by a strong conviction. In these cases, it is recommended to give it some credit if the pendulum movement is formal. These movements are most often seen in the guts.

When your pendulum is wrong several times in a row, beyond a simple error of interpretation or a bad emotional state, you must consider other avenues. First, you must not lose sight of the fact that metal or stone pendulums are all charged with energy.

The wooden ones, on the other hand, are very difficult to load. So when you use them frequently in energy reading work, these energies can harm your results. In these cases, it is simply advisable to unload and purify them.

Also, your aura can influence your divinatory pendulum. In reality, negative energies can prevent you from achieving good results. You will then have to carry out a purification not only of your personal energy, but also of the place where you practice it.

Other uses of a divinatory clock

The divinatory clock does not only have the role of helping the players of the lotto game to win. It can also be used to act on a person, in particular to discharge or charge his aura.

Moreover, it is sometimes used by certain practitioners who are looking for such other information. For example, as part of a clairvoyance session, they can work on a support in combination with oracles or a tarot.

the clock can help you not only to answer yes or no, but also to determine a scale of measurement or very precise information. In this specific case, it is used either with a wooden support, with a sheet, a ruler, or with a board.

Likewise, they can be used on the human body, in particular above an energy source with the aim of measuring its nature or intensity. It can also help clear a larva or entity. Finally, the divinatory pendulum can be used to destroy a bewitchment of a human being, but precisely with the Egyptian pendulum.

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