MORNING ESSENTIALS: wind turbines. Camaieu. Derby. Fire in Montiéramey. And sorcery. – Newspaper L’Est Éclair

MORNING ESSENTIALS wind turbines Camaieu Derby Fire in Montieramey And

What you need to know before starting this day. ______________________________________________________________ NEWS OF THE DAY Near the champagne vineyard, the wind turbines no longer have the wind in their sails The wind turbines that can be seen from the heights of Chervey will not be more numerous: the prefecture has rejected the request for extension presented … Read more

Be productive every day: 4 good habits to adopt every morning.

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Have a morning routine of welfare is the key to being efficient throughout the day and maintaining or even optimizing your productivity. After all, the morning is the most important part of a day. Generally, on this will depend all that follows. But it’s not always easy to get up early, and sometimes it can … Read more

Doomscrolling: an annoying habit that makes us anxious in the morning

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THE ESSENTIAL A study reveals that users who spend more time reading and consuming content only passively without starting conversations are more likely to develop stress than proactive people when consuming content. Anxiety disorders affect approximately 15-20% of the population at some point in their lives. They are twice as common in women … Read more