The City of London’s New Laws of Attraction

The City of Londons New Laws of Attraction

ISABEL ESPANOL Charming smile, assured voice, Anna goes straight to the point from the first minutes of the discussion: “What interests me is the money. » Making money, of course, but also understanding how money and its circuits work. Anna (all names have been changed) is a 28-year-old Swedish woman who has been working for … Read more

The laws of attraction awaken Azur Park in Gassin

Serge Paillon is not far from rediscovering the taste for freedom: that of seeing the attractions of the park resume their mechanical arabesques in the azure sky of Gassin and seeing the eyes shine at nightfall. The decor is still dormant. Like a ghost museum of sleeping rides. But under the machines and in the … Read more

Law of attraction: example, in love, danger, what is it?

Law of attraction example in love danger what is it

What if our thoughts had an influence on our lives? That’s what the Law of Attraction suggests. This concept indicates in particular that our positive thoughts and emotions attract similar events and people to us. How to use it in love and in everyday life? Answers with Sylvie Lair. Summary Definition: what is the law … Read more

Companies call for accelerated procedures governing the attraction of international workers at the Fourth Strategic Forum on Internationalization

Companies call for accelerated procedures governing the attraction of international

MONTREAL, June 6, 2022 /CNW Telbec/ – The Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal, Montréal International and Investissement Québec International held their event today, “International at the heart of our businesses’ growth”. The fourth edition of this Strategic Forum brought together more than 350 people at New City Gas who came to discuss the dynamics … Read more

The DNA of desire: how is physical attraction born?

On paper, it’s the ideal partner, but you don’t feel anything. Conversely, he/she is not your style at all, you do not completely assume the desire that you feel for this person, but it is like this: a force attracts you irresistibly and physically towards him/her. How is it possible ? Let’s discover the laws … Read more

A fund to promote labor attraction in Abitibi-Témiscamingue

A fund to promote labor attraction in Abitibi Temiscamingue

In effect for a period of three years, the program is financed by the Desjardins caisses in the region and aims to counter the effects of the labor shortage in Abitibi-Témiscamingue. It is the region’s Carrefours jeunesse-emploi that manage the fund and provide entry points for people wishing to benefit from it. Three-pronged incentives The … Read more

The Secret: Get what you want with the law of attraction

What if our thoughts had a real influence on events? This is the starting point of the best-selling The Secret*: a book written by Rhonda Byrne in 2006 which demonstrates the powers of positive thinking and the law of attraction. Since then, a documentary film has also been released and has been seen (and acclaimed) … Read more

David Laroche: why the law of attraction is not enough?

David Laroche why the law of attraction is not enough

The Law of Attraction is the idea that our thoughts can create our reality. But is it possible to realize your dreams simply by the power of thought? For David Laroche, researcher and international lecturer, other ingredients are necessary for success. This article was published in the magazine FemininBio #21 February-March 2019 >> To find … Read more

In Saint-Alban, Covid is the Law of Attraction

In Saint Alban Covid is the Law of Attraction

1 A noon that keeps you alive Opened in the 1980s, the dancing restaurant L’Attraction, located near the Poirier roundabout, in Saint-Alban, had made festive and musical meals its specialty. In February 2016, when they took over the joint management activity, Sylvie Fourré and David Maillet decided to offer a “worker’s meal” every midday during … Read more