“Dirou niya! », the secrets of Regragui’s law of attraction

Serene, confident and in a reassured tone, Walid Regragui kept repeating to the press, the Moroccan public and skeptics: “Dirou niya! Have faith and believe it strong. Only then will the ball hit the post and go out. Otherwise and without this collective positive energy, we won’t get there. Niya is the key to victory”, … Read more

Seen on the networks. A harness problem with an attraction at the Saint-Romain fair in Rouen?

Seen on the networks A harness problem with an attraction

Several testimonials from Internet users question the safety of La Turbine, a thrill ride at the Saint-Romain fair. The City of Rouen and La Turbine deny any incident. The La Turbine attraction is one of the novelties of the 2022 edition of the Saint-Romain fair Published: November 4, 2022 at 7:01 p.m. Reading time: 2 … Read more

Virtual diving in the high seas, the new attraction of Nausicaa

Virtual diving in the high seas the new attraction of

A deep sea dive without mask or snorkel. Became the largest aquarium in Europe Four years ago, Nausicaa continues to innovate. The national center of the sea presented, this Tuesday, its new immersive experience in Boulogne-sur-Mer, in Pas-de-Calais: an encounter in augmented reality with the gigantic animals that inhabit the seas. Wearing a helmet and … Read more

The United Arab Emirates: an enabling environment for entrepreneurship and talent attraction

ABU DHABI: In one of the fastest growing economies in the region, what is more important than human capital? The third edition of Abu Dhabi talks under the theme “UAE: towards a hub of talents” tackled this question at Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi. The event saw the participation of many guests strengthening the relationship between … Read more

Law of attraction: how to implement it on a daily basis?

Law of Attraction. “We attract what we vibrate”. “You reap what you sow”. It’s all about vibration. Our vibrations depend on our way of thinking because it is our thoughts that define our reality. You may have noticed this already, but if you ask three siblings to tell you the same vacation memory, you’ll get … Read more

The laws of love attraction as seen by one-night scientists

The laws of love attraction as seen by one night scientists

Laurent, host of the evening, brought a multimeter to measure the electrical conductance of everyone’s skin. GUILLEMETTE FAURE ” HASthen, there, we will put the thumb in contact with the battery…” It’s Monday evening and, on the floor of a Parisian restaurant, around twenty people meet for a “science café”. The theme – the biology … Read more

Law of attraction: what is it and how to use it to have a dream life

Law of attraction what is it and how to use

The secret. The famous secret. What is c*liss. Popularized in 2006 with the release of Rhonda Byrne’s book, the expression “the secret” simply designates a way of life to adopt to make it better. Read also: Many people mistakenly think that it is an esoteric movement and that people who mention the law of attraction … Read more

The Secret: Get what you want with the law of attraction

The Secret Get what you want with the law of

What if our thoughts had a real influence on events? This is the starting point of the best-selling The Secret*: a book written by Rhonda Byrne in 2006 which demonstrates the powers of positive thinking and the law of attraction. Since then, a documentary film has also been released and has been seen (and acclaimed) … Read more

In Saint-Alban, Covid is the Law of Attraction

In Saint Alban Covid is the Law of Attraction

1 A noon that keeps you alive Opened in the 1980s, the dancing restaurant L’Attraction, located near the Poirier roundabout, in Saint-Alban, had made festive and musical meals its specialty. In February 2016, when they took over the joint management activity, Sylvie Fourré and David Maillet decided to offer a “worker’s meal” every midday during … Read more

How do you cultivate (and reap) happiness through the law of attraction?

How do you cultivate and reap happiness through the law

Thanks to the law of attraction, regain power over your life, and consider that everything is possible, especially the best! Written by Paul Maloon Sep 11, 2021, at 8:00 a.m. Do you know the law of attraction? With it, you will probably feel like a Jedi straight out of Star Wars! “The Force is everywhere … Read more