Acrobatic diving, “Olympic” athletes and “Gallic sauce”: how Parc Astérix has reinvented its aquatic show without the dolphins

Acrobatic diving Olympic athletes and Gallic sauce how Parc

No doubt: you must have taken a good dose of magic potion to take up the challenge of jumping from a diving board 25 meters high. Since July 14, 2022, Parc Astérix, in Plailly, in the Oise, has officially launched its new summer season “L’été gaulois”, inaugurating several new features, such as extended opening hours … Read more

How athletes protect themselves from stress

THE ESSENTIAL According to researchers, mindfulness allows high-level athletes to better manage their stress. This in-the-moment meditative practice has a significant effect on anxiety, depression and pain. Elite athletes are known for their stamina and determination, and the Roland Garros matches right now are a good demonstration of that! But even though they have exceptional … Read more

Stop whatever you are doing. On name drop athletes of the 2000s – Curved Ball

Stop whatever you are doing On name drop athletes of

My colleague from LaPresse+, Alexandre Pratt, made me dive into nostalgia on Friday morning. You can kind of see me as a millennial Michel Barrette. I’m nostalgic for what happened to me last week. The columnist of the Montreal daily likes to offer us “statistics that will blow our brains”. On Friday, he opted instead … Read more