[CARTE BLANCHE POUR NOEL] The grass is fresh from the morning dew (by Eric Le Parc) – Ar Gedour

CARTE BLANCHE POUR NOEL The grass is fresh from the

Like last year, Ar Gedour leaves the pen to occasional readers and contributors, allowing you through their words to immerse yourself in the Christmas spirit. The card is totally white… only the theme is imposed: Christmas. Here, it is Eric Le Parc who offers his pen. Lgrass, or rather what’s left of it. The barbed … Read more

Éric Julien and the mystery of the kogi shamans | RCF

Eric Julien and the mystery of the kogi shamans

Éric Julien, geographer friend of the Kogis The “little fold of territory” where Éric Julien lives in the Drôme looks nothing like the land of the Kogis, the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, in Colombia. 34 years ago, these indigenous people saved his life. Victim of pulmonary edema at an altitude of 5,000 meters during … Read more

Éric Toussaint (CADTM) : « Le président n’a pas respecté la loi. Guillermo Lasso possède directement ou indirectement des sociétés dans des paradis fiscaux » – CADTM

Un an après cette révélation, Guillermo Lasso, toujours au pouvoir, non seulement n’a pas été traduit en justice, mais le rejet de la politique menée par son gouvernement a provoqué une Grève nationale en juin 2022 menée par le mouvement indigène qui a duré 18 jours et a obligé le gouvernement a reculé, malgré une … Read more

Éric Antoine, at the Corum in Montpellier on Friday and Saturday: “What’s important is to keep your magical vision of the world”

Eric Antoine at the Corum in Montpellier on Friday and

The magician and comedian returns to the stage with Grow a little! A spectacular, funny and poetic show that fosters a dialogue between the child and the adult. It will be Friday and Saturday at the Corum. How do you feel after more than 20 years on stage and a seventh show? It hurts in … Read more

Éric Guillon, co-creator of Minions: graphic humor as meditation

Like Gru, the big-hearted villain of the saga Me, ugly and mean, he likes to work alone in his studio (but does not seek to steal the Moon). Like the Minions, blundering servants of Gru who have been raging in theaters since last Wednesday, he doesn’t hate schoolboy jokes (but is much less outgoing). Like … Read more

Eric Bledsoe coupé par les Blazers : qui pour le relancer ?

Transféré en cours de saison, Eric Bledsoe n’a pas joué un match avec le maillot des Blazers et il n’en jouera toujours pas la saison prochaine. Et oui, Portland a décidé de couper le meneur de jeu pour ne pas devoir payer l’intégralité de sa dernière année de contrat.  De retour aux Clippers l’été dernier … Read more

“The Anachronistic”, by Éric Holder, to the joys of the day

1656618875 Alpes de Haute Provence 4th edition of the Verdon relax festival on July

The Anachronistic by Eric Holder The Dilettante, 290 p., €22 Who, after Henri Calet, Alexandre Vialatte, Georges Perros, could write such marvelous phrases of poetic brilliance? “France in January looks like an old Japanese film”Where “In the morning, the fry of mist-fishing spiders shine in their myriads in their nets. » Between January 1996 and … Read more