Parc Astérix: “Tonnerre de Zeus”, the flagship attraction put on hold

Opened in 1997, the carousel is a reference for many French people who can wait an hour before climbing the roller coaster.

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“Thunder of Zeus”, does it close? Yes, but don’t panic. It’s only to reopen better.

The flagship attraction of Parc Astérix was in serious need of a facelift, and for good reason: the carousel dates back to 1997, just that, and at the time, it was one of the few in Europe to be built. in wood. Its famous creaks have also made it famous, along a course that is 1.2 km long with a peak of almost 30 m. Except that after 24 years of good and loyal service, the roller coaster could no longer remain as it was.

In 2018 already, it had been the subject of small improvements on certain portions a little too brutal for the passengers. “We started this work two years ago, to soften certain passages and avoid jolts as much as possible. But we wanted to go further and modify the attraction even more profoundly. This is the phase that we will begin on November 8 and which requires a total closure of several months, ”explains Damien Thibault, project manager. at the Parisian.

A 90º bump unique in Europe

The carousel will therefore close its doors on November 7. If all goes well, it should be operational again in early April 2022, with the park reopening for the new season. It will therefore not be necessary to count on it during the Christmas season. During this time, several transformations are planned. The route, renamed “Tonnerre 2 Zeus” will be modified to add some additional sensational elements: a 90º inclined bump unique in Europe, two high-speed bends and two new bumps. Passengers will feel 14 “airtimes” lifting them from their seats, says Size Parks.

The seats will also be replaced for more comfort. Namely: the last two seats will be reversed so that these last passengers travel the circuit upside down…

FYI, Parc Astérix also closes on the evening of November 7 for the winter season. He will reopen time end of year celebrations from December 18 to January 2, before leaving with a new season in April 2022.

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Parc Astérix: “Tonnerre de Zeus”, the flagship attraction put on hold

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