Viva Magenta plants: top 4 of the most beautiful types to have in the garden!

It’s 2023 and we have the new Pantone Color of the Year! After last year’s cold but lively Very Peri, this year we have the fiery and sensual Viva Magenta! This color is a bright and vivid shade of pink-violet. And yes, you can wear it, decorate, paint your house, and even apply make-up with … Read more

When plants heal us: relieving chronic pain inspired by cabbage

1668800655 When plants heal us relieving chronic pain inspired by cabbage

Without plants, no life possible. On Earth, plants (as well as microorganisms carrying out the photosynthesis in the oceans) absorb CO2 and release oxygen, which we breathe. What if these living beings also allowed us… to heal ourselves? ⋙ A “miracle” plant, extinct for 2,000 years, rediscovered in Turkey With his business Benephyt, Eléa Héberlé, … Read more

Stitch Life – Watercolors and Plants by Laurence Courdier #Art and Botany

Stitch Life Watercolors and Plants by Laurence Courdier Art

” […] a plant is a song whose rhythm deploys a certain form and in space exposes a mystery of time. » Paul Valéry, Dialogue of the tree, 1943. I invite you to a botanical visual meditation: Stitch Life (Stitch: sewing), a series of watercolors, a kind of still life (still life) where plants are … Read more

In Reunion, plants at the service of good and evil

For centuries, healers and herbal tea makers have been using plant pharmacopoeia to heal themselves. But, for the followers of witchcraft, the use of plants is quite different. On rare occasions, it can even lead to murder… “Bois de rempart, une Plante assassine de La Réunion” is broadcast Monday at 6 p.m. on and … Read more

Natural art in the shade of ESA ficus plants

Natural art in the shade of ESA ficus plants scaled

First, there is the setting… A magnificent garden in the shade of huge ficus trees, with green paths, punctuated sometimes by stone bleachers, sometimes by wooden benches, to accommodate the students of the establishment and the cultural events that the Graduate School of Business (ESA) organizes throughout the year. Inaugurated on June 23, this project … Read more

Sale of plants, parties, exhibitions… What to do this weekend in the Nord – Pas-de-Calais?

Sale of plants parties exhibitions What to do this weekend

By Amandine Vachez Published on 29 Sep 22 at 17:10 News Pas-de-Calais See my news Follow this media Several flea markets and flea markets are organized this weekend in Pas-de-Calais. (©AV/Lille news/Illustration) Lacking inspiration for the releases of the weekend ? Here are some tips for October 1 and 2, 2022 in the North and … Read more

Natural painkillers: a whole guide to plants and essential oils to relieve pain

Natural painkillers a whole guide to plants and essential oils

Life without pain is beautiful! At the same time, pain is our body’s normal reaction to signaling a condition that we need to counter in some way. Nature against chemistry! What side are you on? As headaches, toothaches, knees, stomach are not spared us and accompany us on a daily basis, we must know the … Read more

Quimper – In Quimper, Adèle Le Berre tells the thousand and one stories of plants

Quimper In Quimper Adele Le Berre tells the thousand

It is barely 10 a.m. this Wednesday in the Priory garden, in Locmaria. Above this haven of peace bordered by the Odet, a sky that oscillates between soft blue and anthracite grey. And a few fine drops of rain… But nothing to tarnish the discovery of the place. It is in this 1,700 m² setting … Read more

Plants and astrology: which plant corresponds to your astrological sign and carries positive energy?

Plants and astrology which plant corresponds to your astrological sign

Many are the properties of plants apart from decorating our interior: spread the good energy in the House, remove bad odors, purify the air. Apparently, those who read this article are interested in astrological signs and their impact on our lives. Can we attract luck using the formula plants and astrology? What is the lucky … Read more