Self-care: best practices for natural well-being

Take care of yourself: it starts with the mind

Taking care of yourself is above all a question of the mind. Of course, cocooning treatments are symbols of instant well-being, but you must first treat your mind. And for that, different gestures are essential.

Take some time for yourself

In everyday life, we run constantly, for work… for shopping… for housework… for the family… The reasons are not lacking! Taking care of yourself is therefore first and foremost taking time for yourself. Whether it’s on the occasion of a holiday or a few hours during the weekend, it is essential to know how to stop and think of yourself. These rest periods will help you recharge your batteries, whether it is to play sports, spend time with loved ones or any other opportunity to relax. This time you can also use for a meditation session to eliminate sources of tension and feel better.

See positive

Taking care of your mind also means seeing positively and even seeing yourself positively. First and foremost, you need to learn to be more forgiving with yourself. Forget perfection and set realistic goals. You are not perfect and that is precisely what makes you unique. Instead, learn to celebrate your victories, even the small ones. The glass half full shows you life in a more positive way.

Surround yourself with the right people

According to Jean-Paul Sartre,Hell is other people“… However, knowing how to surround yourself with positive people can only have a good impact on your life and your well-being. These people will know how to motivate and encourage you. They will even be able to help you in the event of difficulties that you may face. Conversely, stay away from negative people, who will make you feel bad. And in general, avoid comparing yourself to others. Remember that you are unique!

Better lifestyle habits to take care of yourself

Self-care also means having a healthy mind in a healthy body. As such, you will have to adopt good lifestyle habits that will do you the greatest good. You thus enter the “SAS” of well-being: S for Sport, A for Food and S for Sleep. Yes, these three letters represent the very basis of well-being.

Physical activity for a less stressful life

Sport not only allows you to let off steam and therefore reduce your stress level, but also allows you to refuel dopamine and serotonin. Provided of course that you practice it regularly. The main thing is to choose the activity that you like the most. Beyond muscle building, practicing a sport also helps you keep in shape and avoid weight loss. At the same time, take care of your posture to avoid any risk of low back pain and stress.

A balanced diet to delight the taste buds

A good diet also helps you preserve moments of well-being, at all levels. You understood, the mind and the body are linked. This is why a Healthy eating, natural and organic is recommended. Composed of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, fish, white meats and dairy products, this diet also allows you to prevent the risk of disease. No more junk food! Avoid foods that are too sweet, too fatty, as well as refined foods, rich in toxins. This diet must be supplemented with sufficient hydration, at least 1.5 liters of water.

Better sleep

The quality of sleep also affects your physical and mental balance. To take care of yourself effectively, it is essential to adopt good habits. A good rhythm allows you not only to preserve your immune system, but also to fight against diseases and weight gain. Indeed, the body regenerates itself while we sleep. Restful sleep is therefore crucial.

beauty tips

A beauty ritual can be set to take care of yourself and your skin. body scrub, care of the facemakeup, beauty of nails and hair are all elements to integrate into your habits to please you while being true to yourself.

Take care of yourself by creating a wellness routine

A wellness routine allows you to take care of yourself in an organized and regular way. More specifically, these are different routines that you will need to put in place to create benchmarks and feel better.

Aiming to make the junction between two activities over the course of a day, the wellness routines can be set in the morning before starting your working day or before lunch, for example.

It is therefore a question of creating moments of well-being for your pleasure. Of a very variable duration according to the routines, they can include many possibilities.

The morning…

The morning routine will aim to wake you up, both body and mind, after a night’s sleep. Energizing, this routine will consist, for example, of stretching, sports or a meditation session. Lemon on an empty stomach, mixed with lukewarm water, will also be an excellent way to purify your body upon waking.

… Or in the evening

If you are more of an evening person, the routine adopted after a day’s work will allow you to relax and help you fall asleep. Relaxation, yogamassage, infusion… are all elements that you can integrate into this routine.

You can perfectly combine the two routines for complete well-being.

Other routine moments

You can also adopt a routine at work. Drinking coffee with colleagues… listing the priorities of the day… greeting colleagues… Everything will depend on your work and existing habits. This routine can also be established on a weekly basis to better organize each week.

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Self-care: best practices for natural well-being

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