Blue Monday: 14 natural anti-depression solutions to restore morale

1673810272 Blue Monday 14 natural anti depression solutions to restore morale

January’s low mood hits hard and it’s not for nothing that Monday, January 16 is recognized as the most depressing day of the year. To put aside sadness and the permanent urge to cry and regain enthusiasm and motivation, here are 14 natural solutions. Are you feeling flat when 2023 has only just begun? It’s … Read more

Haiti: Crisis exit solutions are in crisis

Haiti Crisis exit solutions are in crisis

By Pierre-Richard Cajust* Submitted to AlterPresse on December 3, 2022 In Prison notebooksAntonio Gramsci defines “crises” as a situation in which “ the old dies and the new cannot appear: during this interregnum we observe the most varied morbid phenomena “. In the Haitian case, we observe a certain recurrence of triggering factors of crises, … Read more

Painful periods: 6 solutions to relieve menstrual pain

Painful periods 6 solutions to relieve menstrual pain

Do you suffer from pain or spasms during menstruation? Good news: researchers have found that eating dark chocolate within 3 days of your period helps reduce menstrual pain. In very young girls or certain women, especially in premenopausal period, the period of menstruation can be accompanied by severe pain called “dysmenorrhea”. One in two women … Read more

Full moon of October 9, 2022 (or hunter’s moon): 4 solutions for sleeping well

Full moon of October 9 2022 or hunters moon 4

AFP Weekend strike in refineries and tensions at the pump The CGT strike at TotalEnergies and ExxonMobil was renewed on Saturday the day after an encouragement to negotiations launched by the government, which relaxed the rules for transporting fuels in an attempt to resolve the supply tensions in the stations. “The situation should continue to … Read more

Natural solutions to relieve arthritis

Natural solutions to relieve arthritis

Several natural solutions would help reduce the symptoms and pain caused by arthritis. If you have the disease, you certainly lose nothing by trying them to see which one suits you best. Thermotherapy Inexpensive and accessible to all, thermotherapy relieves arthritis pain. Hot aims to relax muscles and lubricate joints, while cold aims to reduce … Read more

Disney Dreamlight Valley Mystical Cave Riddles and Solutions

Disney Dreamlight Valley Mystical Cave Riddles and Solutions

Wondering how to solve the Disney Dreamlight Valley Mystical Cave riddles on Dazzle Beach? Disney’s life sim follows in the footsteps of Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley, and other farming sims by asking you to gather materials, build, and craft. However, the Disney game also forces you to channel Trust, Friendship, Power, and other traits as … Read more

Itchy scalp? 5 natural solutions and grandmother’s remedies for itching (without dandruff)

Itchy scalp 5 natural solutions and grandmothers remedies for itching

Cutaneous pruritus is a medical term that reflects itching or the need to scratch. Anywhere on the body, experiencing it is not a pleasant experience at all, but when it is the itchy scalp, the situation is more embarrassing. And given that we manifest other symptoms such as dandruff, red patches or hair loss, we … Read more

Facial sweating: causes and natural solutions

Sweating and the production of sweat are phenomena that provide three major functions within the body. They participate in: her regulation : by eliminating excess heat produced by the body; his purification : by eliminating waste circulating in the blood; her protection : by mixing with sebum, sweat forms a protection against friction. Sweating also … Read more

Landscaping garden: How to energize and beautify your garden? 3 easy solutions just for you!

Landscaping garden How to energize and beautify your garden 3

We all know it, sunny days and the sun are our best allies against gloom. This is good, because the two, accompanied by a rising thermometer, have just made their comeback. For our greatest happiness and that of our mental health, a little affected lately by a succession of bad news. To make the most … Read more

Yoga Center Software: Research Report On New Innovative Solutions And Advanced Technologies 2022-2030 – Gabonflash

The most obvious way to expand the Yoga Center Software market is to get more customers, strategic ways to reach other consumers or businesses are through industry research, building support / sales channel, increasing customer interaction, attending networking events, and forming strategic partnerships with other industries. Marketing yoga center software involves selling your product or … Read more