a therapeutic road-movie (on DVD and VOD)

a therapeutic road movie on DVD and VOD

Artistic note: (3.5/5) Synopsis Marine, a 21-year-old student, learns that she has multiple sclerosis, an incurable autoimmune disease. The shock of the announcement, the urgency of the situation and the need to make a decision about the treatment to follow, push her to find a solution within herself… She decides to leave for a long … Read more

Chartreuse de Valbonne / Actualités / Accueil

Chartreuse de Valbonne Actualites Accueil

Chartreuse de Valbonne Mise à jour le 18/05/2022     La société CLEVERSTONE a pour projet de mener un projet de réhabilitation, de mise en valeur et de reconversion de la Chartreuse de la Valbonne. DECLARATION D’INTENTION DU PROJET DE REHABILITATION, DE MISE EN VALEUR ET DE RECONVERSION DE LA CHARTREUSE DE LA VALBONNE (Article … Read more

Freebox subscribers with Apple TV 4K, relax and learn to meditate for free

Freebox subscribers with Apple TV 4K relax and learn to

Thanks to “Calm: Sleep & Meditation“, turn your Apple TV 4K into a relaxation and meditation program. “Calm: Sleep & Meditation” is an application with meditation and relaxation programs. Ideal for beginners, but it also includes hundreds of programs for intermediate and advanced levels. It is possible to choose the duration of your guided meditation … Read more

Biblical meditation: Do we hear the voice of God?

Sunday May 8, 2022, fourth Sunday of Easter, four texts will be read.First reading Book of the Acts of the Apostles (Acts 13, 14.43-52).Psalm 99.Second Reading Book of Revelation (Rev 7, 9.14b-17).The Gospel according to Saint John (Jn 10, 27-30). Jeans 10, 20-30 Many of them said, “He’s got a demon, he’s delirious.” Why are … Read more

Global Meditation Software Market Report Contains Industry Size, Revenue, Top Five Companies, New Development Plan and Forecast Trends to 2030 – Gabonflash

Have you ever wished you could predict the future of the global Meditation Software market? – and be right? What if you could clearly see critical changes in the coming years, and use these insights to shape the future of the Meditation Software market, instead of just letting it play out by default? You can … Read more

Meditation by Bishop Aveline given during the prayer vigil for the canonization of Charles de Foucauld – Catholic Church in France

“Let us look at the saints but do not dwell on them. Let us take advantage of their examples but without dwelling on them for long. Let us not seek to imitate them but, with them, to imitate Christ, who is the unique model”, wrote Charles de Foucauld. So let’s follow his advice. And let’s … Read more

Meditation Chime Market Biggest Innovation with Top Key Players – Woodstock Chimes, TM Thamelmart For Beautiful Minds, Ehome, Stargoods, TreeWorks Chimes, Ohm Store, Andoer, Juccini, MUSICUBE, Mudra Crafts, Blue Orchid, Eastar, Ammoon

Meditation Chime Market Biggest Innovation with Top Key Players –

The report Meditation Chime is an in-depth examination of the general Meditation Chime consumption structure, development trends, sales techniques and sales of major nations. The research covers the well-known vendors in the global Troubleshooter Software industry along with the market segmentation, competition, and macroeconomic climate. A comprehensive Meditation Chime analysis takes into account a number … Read more