Fabrice Midal: “In many professions, the most competent are the hypersensitive”

Photo credit: Celine Nieszawer

Photo credit: Celine Nieszawer

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National Hypersensitivity Day is celebrated annually on January 13. The philosopher and founder of the Western School of Meditation Fabrice Midal is himself hypersensitive and wrote, in 2021, two books on this subject: “ Am I hypersensitive? Investigate an unrecognized power ” and ” Am I hypersensitive? The practical notebook: 40 situations – 40 solutions “. He deciphers this state, its advantages and how to approach it in business.

What is the definition of hypersensitivity?

To be hypersensitive is to be particularly sensitive, that is to say to perceive more acutely what is happening around you. There are six criteria to take into account to know if you are hypersensitive:

– the fact of perceiving sounds, smells and/or tastes in a more developed way than normal. Depending on the hypersensitive, not all the senses are so developed: in general, there is one that is perceived with greater intensity;

empathy : the ability to feel what others feel, to grasp the anguish of the other;

– the perception of things with great intensity: the emotions are increased tenfold, like on a roller coaster. But not all hypersensitive people have all their highly developed emotions;

creativity : the ability to invent paths that others do not think of. But some hypersensitive people have not developed or cultivated this gift because they have restricted themselves;

– the fact ofbeing uncomfortable with social play : power struggles offend them because they are concerned about authenticity and sincerity;

– the “popcorn” spirit, with thoughts popping up all over the place.

Today, even if the word is used somewhat indiscriminately, studies in biology and analyzes in neurosciences as well as on the understanding of evolution make it possible to consider hypersensitivity as a trait that marks 15 to 20% of the population. In the history of evolution, it is shown that every society needs hypersensitive people. Thus, in case of danger, they are the first to perceive weak signals. And they are also the ones who make discoveries. We now understand their role better.

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Why are hypersensitive people valuable in business?

They are often perceived as out of the box and this can create tension with managers and/or other employees. Because they tend not to quite do what is asked of them. Or, for example in a meeting, if a hypersensitive person feels that the team is going in the wrong direction, he may show resistance, which can pass for a form of rejection… Their extra-lucidityrelated to their intuition, can be scary. But it allows to move the lines, to invent new concepts. So it is very important to have hypersensitive people in a team to avoid routine. In many professions, the most competent are the hypersensitive: from great chefs or companies to designers.

“The problem is not hypersensitivity, but the social gaze on it”

How can highly sensitive people survive in the working world?

It is very difficult because they feel out of place. The first piece of advice is to recognize that you are hypersensitive and not to feel abnormal. Discovering it is a revelation, a relief. But, on the other hand, hypersensitivity should not be imposed on others, it must be worked on. The idea is to counterbalance the fact of living situations intensely by creating authentic and sincere links. Empathy is an asset! And it is necessary to be patient, benevolent and pedagogical vis-à-vis his colleagues.

What posture to adopt to manage hypersensitive people?

Above all, they must be identified, in order to understand that it is neither a capricious person nor someone who deliberately complicates things or shows bad will. In reality, they are people who are highly motivated because they take what they do to heart and are touched in a profound way. However, they are not fragile! They can be vulnerable if they feel guilty and if they do not accept their hypersensitivity. The problem is not hypersensitivity, but the social view of it.

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Fabrice Midal: “In many professions, the most competent are the hypersensitive”

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