What is the second most read book in the world?

Tehran (IQNA)- “The Holy Quran is recognized as the second most read book in the world after the Bible”: this statement is from Abdulkarim Abbo Yerima, Director of the Islamic Association World Assembly of Muslim Youth abbreviated “Wamy “.

The President of the Muslim Ethics Committee for the Community of the Great North, also Imam of the Central Mosque N 3 in Douala, presided over a ceremony of symbolic handing over of the Holy Quran to certain Mosques, Islamic Associations and Koranic Schools of Douala, to the edge of the Christmas holidays.

The ceremony took place in the courtyard of the Al Arkam Mosque in Makepe Missoke, in the presence of the representative of the Sub-Prefect of Douala 5th. The word of welcome was pronounced by His Majesty Younous Paraiso, Chief of Block 9 in the Missoke district.

In his speech for the occasion, the Director of Wamy specifies that after Douala, this distribution of the Holy Quran will continue in the nine (9) other regions of Cameroon. It’s a container of cardboard containing the Holy Quran that has arrived, he says, and each region will have its share, in proportion to its Muslim population.

The Muslim Community of Douala thus received 90 boxes, and each box contains 40 Korans, each Friday Mosque will have received a box of 40 Korans, and the simple Mosques 10 Korans each. The recipients felt delighted and according to Imam Aliou Abouka of the New-Town airport mosque, “We have new converts from Islam, as well as our children, wives, brothers and sisters who are studying the Koran. Sometimes we have problems of lack of Quran at our disposal. This donation will make our task much easier and we thank Wamy as well as all the officials who have mobilized to make this happen”.

Imam Aliou Abouka wishes that the action is not limited only to the Holy Koran but that it extends to other books which teachers and preachers of the holy word need. According to the head of the central mosque of Ndogpassi, Imam Mohamadou Awal, “It is with great pride that we receive this donation and it will allow us to organize reading and learning sessions of the Koran, especially in this period of leave when we are going to supervise young people in mosques”

Get closer to God
On the interest of such a donation, the Director of the World Assembly of Muslim Youth, His Majesty Dr. Abdoulkarim Abbo Yerima, initiator of the donation and also chairman of the Muslim Ethics Committee with the community of the Far North, declares: “On the one hand, the Koran, which contains the word of God, is food for the spirit. Just as the human body needs life, so does the mind. The Muslim prays obligatorily five times a day And at each prayer he must obligatorily read the Holy Koran; this is what brings him closer to his Lord Allah. On the other hand, it is normal for humans to be in search of material goods, which means that people no longer have enough time to pray and meditate on the Koran, therefore calling on men to meditate on the questions of their origin and their mission on earth.

After the sub-prefect’s speech of encouragement, the ceremony ended with a guided tour of the Modibo mini-city located very close to the Al Arkam Mosque located in Makepe Missoke.
The messenger

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What is the second most read book in the world?

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