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Discover how to quickly get XP on the witcher 3 through more or less complex techniques. However, be careful not to go too far from the progression path provided by the game and the quests.

When is the best time to farm XP?

The Witcher 3 how to XP quickly Gamosaurus

While there are many techniques for quickly gaining experience, we do not recommend that you use them all. The progression in The Witcher is well proportioned through the main and secondary quests which makes it possible to avoid being blocked.

However for players who are short on time, these tips allow you to avoid a good part of the secondary quests to concentrate on the main one. Be careful though, some side quests provide essential equipment for progress.

The witcher 3 offers a rich and complete content experience based on immersion. The best way to enjoy it is to play the game without any special tricks.

The low level underwater farming area

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This technique is the easiest of all and does not require any special preparation. The objective is to kill drowned people in a loop with your crossbow in a specific area which will make them reappear instantly. It allows you to easily climb up to level 15.

Go to the fast travel point in Hangman’s Alley and go west.

Once there, it’s time to get in the water and head for a specific point.

hangman's alley guide wp the witcher

More precisely you must locate the same pillar which looks like an anchor and head just below.

Drowned should be around, just kill them and perform a small manipulation.

hangman's alley xp guide the witcher 2

Indeed, the drowned reappear provided that you do a “turn on yourself” with the camera. Be careful to take the time to come back to the surface to keep your breath. To optimize the time spent underwater you can use an “orc” potion, although this is not necessary.

The Infinite Monster Nests Trick

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The objective of this cheat is to get to a location with several monster nests nearby. More precisely Nekkers which are rather weak creatures to face although very numerous.

Go to the exact spot on the picture between three fast travel locations.

You should come across 3 monster nests arranged in a triangle. Face the monsters and destroy the nests.

Xp cheat monster nest 1

However be careful, once the nests are destroyed it is imperative to take all the resources on them. Meditation allows them to reappear (be careful not to meditate near the nests), more precisely it takes about 4 days of meditation to make them reappear.

To optimize the experience acquired in combat, it is possible to equip a monster trophy on Roak. This technique makes it easy to climb up to level 25 or even a little more depending on the time spent at XP.

The rain of bombs and the Cyclops of Skellige

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For this technique it is necessary to have unlocked access to the Skellige archipelago but also a lot of preparation. More specifically, the objective is to repeatedly face a level 30 Cyclops, which is normally far too powerful.

Before going to the east of the island to meet him in the middle of the road, you will have to prepare a lot of things.

First of all, a lot of alcohol, which can be found everywhere.

cyclops guide xp the witcher 3

In preparation, you must be at least level 21 and have visited 15 energy sites to obtain 35 skill points.

Note that to reset the skills you just need to buy a “liquidation potion” available via many merchants such as Keira Metz in Velen or on the Hierarch’s Square in Novigrad next to the quests notice board.

Here are the skills that need to be upgraded and equipped, while the bomb is the “Upper Dancing Star”:

Alchemy Category:

  • Steady hand level 3
  • Pyrotechnics level 5
  • Efficiency level 5
  • cluster bomb level 5

Technical Category:

  • Heavy Artillery level 1
  • Advanced pyrotechnics level 1

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