Here’s the Controlled Breathing Exercise That Will Noticeably Improve Your Mood, Researchers Reveal

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Research has shown that deep breathing is a relaxation aid, reminding the body of a previously experienced state of relaxation. Thus, breathing deeply is a simple and quick way to lower the level of stress felt: this practice sends a message to the brain to calm and relax. The brain then sends this same message … Read more

Feel Good: 5 well-being films to watch to boost your good mood!

Feel Good 5 well being films to watch to boost your

By Manuella Kiala – Posted on 08 Nov 2022 at 06:00 – Updated on 08 Nov 2022 at 10:35 Good vibes movies are very underrated. Sure, we love hard-hitting Marvels, but when we’re in a bad mood, watching a feel-good movie helps lift our spirits. If you’re looking for a good mood booster, take a … Read more

Go with the flow: a study shows that canals and rivers improve our mood

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Because they encourage physical activity (walking, outdoor sports), improve air quality, reduce perceived stress and strengthen the feeling of belonging to the community, green spaces are good for us. Many studies have identified a positive relationship between the state of health declared by city dwellers and the proximity of their housing to green spaces. By … Read more