Want to improve your finances? Pay attention to your inner voice, you might learn something. – CNET

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This article is reproduced with permission from NerdWallet. The investment information provided on this page is for educational purposes only. NerdWallet does not provide advisory or brokerage services, and does not recommend or advise investors to buy or sell particular stocks, securities or other investments. I can be so mean to myself. My inner critic … Read more

Mirror hours: learn to interpret the messages of your guardian angel

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Who hasn’t looked at their watch and been surprised to see the same number describing the hours as the minutes, such as 11:11 a.m., 2:02 a.m., 1:13 p.m.? These are the mirror hours. And if we had to see a spiritual meaning, a message, a warning sent by his guardian angel? Let’s take a closer … Read more

Learn about esotericism with these 5 essential products

Learn about esotericism with these 5 essential products

Magic, astrology, spiritualism: they all come from a strange conception of the universe that would be struggling with occult forces. To learn more, nothing beats a introduction to esotericism using 5 unique objects! To read laterSavedFollow #astrology#Astrology Tracking To better understand the goal pursued by the universe and your destiny is the whole goal of … Read more

Learn to read runes, the divinatory art from the Vikings

Learn to read runes the divinatory art from the Vikings

How to read the runes, these pretty pebbles with mysterious symbols that can introduce you to the divinatory arts? Posted October 10, 2018. I’ve been wanting to teach you a witch trick for some time now: reading runes. I do not guarantee you to read your future thanks to this divinatory art but simply to … Read more

Why not you ? – Learn about gentle yoga, between relaxation and exercise in Chabreloche (Puy-de-Dôme)

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It already floats a light perfume, a feeling of serenity as soon as you enter the Jazzy room, behind the church of Chabreloche, on Thursday morning at 9 am. Participants in the gentle yoga session take off their shoes and sit on their mats in the room. And when you’re a novice like me, you’re … Read more

Saint-Laurent-du-Pape – Learn about the art of kyudo at the Zen center

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Coming from Japanese culture, kyudo is both an art and a way of personal achievement, through the ritualized practice of archery. Arriving at the Zen Center of the green cliff, there floats like a wind of serenity and calm. Located in Ardèche, the center extends over twenty hectares in the Eyrieux valley. It offers a … Read more

5 iOS or Android apps to learn meditation this summer – CNET France

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Reduce stress, stimulate your cognitive system, reduce pain related to muscle tension and even strengthen your immune defences: many scientific studies lend real virtues to meditation, when it is practiced on a regular and voluntary basis. Only, when you know absolutely nothing about this discipline and you don’t necessarily have the means to pay a … Read more

Already Belle: Self love days to learn to love yourself as you are!

Already Beautiful is a Belgian image consulting company, located in the Brussels region. Julie Berghmans, professional makeup artist and founder of Already Beautifulhas a very simple motto to describe his day-to-day job “You are already beautiful! My mission is to prove it to you”. To succeed in this mission, Julie offers various services, all imagined … Read more