Yoga outfit: how to dress well to practice?

Whether you are a fan of gentle yoga or dynamic yoga, an outfit is essential to practice your session in a pleasant and comfortable way. How to find a suitable outfit? Advice from Sophie Laden, dialogue manager at Kimjaly, the Yoga range of Decathlon.

Are you looking for the ideal outfit for your session? yoga ? Whether you practice yoga or dynamic or even hot yoga, it is important to have clothes adapted to your practice.

“To choose the right outfit, you have to start from your practice. For gentle yoga (yin yoga type, restorative yoga or even for meditation), you can opt for tapered cotton leggings or elephant legs which is the big trend. At the top, you can choose an organic or recycled cotton T-shirt and a suitable bra that does not compress so that you can breathe well. There is certainly less impact than when running, but it is important to feel supported. For the dynamic yoga (of the ashtanga, vinyasa, bikram or hot yoga type), stretch leggings, very opaque second skin effect is really ideal. With the heat, you can just put on a bra. There are different lengths a bit like crop tops. You need breathable materials that dry quickly due to perspiration”, explains Sophie Laden, dialogue manager at Kimjaly, the Yoga range from Decathlon. We can also think of taking a fleece for the end of the practice, when we settle down in shavasana or in active meditation so as not to be cold. On the other hand, we forget the too long t-shirt “which will fall on the head during bending postures, the bras which compress and which will prevent breathing.” And Sophie Laden to add “Being well equipped allows you to focus on yourself and not be disturbed in your practice by itchy leggings, for example.”

Why dress in white for yoga?

If the majority of yoga practices do not require dressing in a particular outfit or color code, the kundalini-yoga is an exception. The followers of this practice are invited to dress in white, this color being the addition of all the colors. White brings clarity, calm and it is also a neutral color that keeps negative energies away. According to Yogi Bhajan, famous teacher of Kundalini, white is the color of purification and it strengthens the electromagnetic field of the aura. Wearing this color is therefore linked to the discipline of Kundalini which is based on the opening and purification of the 7 main chakras. As the other disciplines do not have a color code, at Kimjaly, the outfits are “inspired by nature”, points out Sophie Laden. “In 2023, the range will be a tribute to India and its red, ocher or brown colors.”

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What yoga outfit for men?

Yoga is a trendy discipline that is attracting more and more men. As for women, appropriate clothing is recommended. “For gentle yoga, they can wear cotton shorts or pants and a cotton T-shirt. linen. For a more dynamic practice, shorts or long pants in stretch with a waistband that is not too stressed so that you can breathe well are perfect”, adds Sophie Laden. On the color side, “burgundy, ocher, gray and black work well for men who prefer sobriety.”

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Where to buy a yoga outfit?

At Decathlon, the Kimjaly brand is dedicated to Yoga at low prices, the lululemon brand is also famous for its yoga outfits but at higher prices or even the Yuj or Yoga searcher eshops offer quality clothing adapted to all types of practices.

Thanks to Sophie Laden, dialogue manager at Kimjaly.

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Yoga outfit: how to dress well to practice?

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