Here’s the Controlled Breathing Exercise That Will Noticeably Improve Your Mood, Researchers Reveal

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Research has shown that deep breathing is a relaxation aid, reminding the body of a previously experienced state of relaxation. Thus, breathing deeply is a simple and quick way to lower the level of stress felt: this practice sends a message to the brain to calm and relax. The brain then sends this same message … Read more

Sustainable coastal development: The ESEC calls for a controlled urbanization dynamic

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What urban dynamics for sustainable development of the coast? This is the question to which the Economic, Social and Environmental Council (CESE) set out to answer through a self-referral, the result of which was presented last Thursday in Tangier. The result of a participatory approach, the perspective provided by the Council first attempted to diagnose … Read more

Morocco: The ESEC pleads for sustainable coastal development and controlled urbanization

Morocco The ESEC pleads for sustainable coastal development and controlled

Ecosystem hosting more than half of the population and representing an important pole of attraction for various infrastructures and economic activities, the Moroccan coast is increasingly subject to several pressures due in particular to urbanization. This, uncontrolled, threatens its ecological balance and burdens its contribution to sustainable and resilient development, estimates this week the Economic, … Read more