Magic School, our escape game test in Harry Potter mode at Team Break

Magic School our escape game test in Harry Potter mode

By Laurent P. Photos by Laurent P. Posted Nov 29, 2022 11:05 PM Do you like witchcraft and escape games? Direction Team Break which offers, in its center of La Défense, Magic School, a room largely inspired by the universe of Harry Potter. To your chopsticks! Get out your capes and magic wands! Team Break … Read more

[VIDEO] Perpignan: an exhibition combining magic, poetry and virtual reality at the Walter Benjamin Contemporary Art Center

Astro quel metier correspond vraiment a votre signe astrologique 

The exhibition Mirages et Miracles, produced in 2017 by the duo of artists from the performing arts Adrien M & Claire B finally stops in Perpignan. Hosted by the Walter Benjamin Center for Contemporary Art, it has been full since the end of October. There are a few days left to discover his universe full … Read more

“Occultism and magic alienate man from God”

Occultism and magic alienate man from God

Since the 1960s, the phenomenon of self religion, where everyone makes their own religion, continues to grow. It takes the form of “new spiritualities” which irrigate a host of personal development practices, alternative medicines or apocalyptic ideological causes, which goes as far as occultism and witchcraft. This return to esotericism and “magical thinking” is the … Read more

“Jacky Caillou”: diving into a trunk of stories, with werewolf and magic tricks

Jacky Caillou diving into a trunk of stories with werewolf

Jacky Caillou (Thomas Parigi) and Elsa (Lou Lampros) in “Jacky Caillou”, by Lucas Delangle. ARIZONA DISTRIBUTION THE OPINION OF THE “WORLD” – NOT TO BE MISSED It’s a story of a grandmother and a wolf, without red riding hood, the idea of Jacky Pebble, by Lucas Delangle, not being so scary. This first feature film … Read more

What is this “369 method”, a magic formula for making all your back-to-school dreams come true?

What is this 369 method a magic formula for making

Just like the new year, the back to school is often synonymous with new beginning(s). These pivotal periods fill us with good will to start the coming period on the right foot. Thus, goals are set, resolutions are adopted, commitments to oneself are made and dreams are fantasized. Furthermore, some practice from personal development promise … Read more

Nina Simone’s Chewing-gum, extracts – Magic RPM

Nina Simones Chewing gum extracts Magic RPM

To share Facebook Twitter Magic offers you the good sheets of the French translation of “Chewing-gum de Nina Simone”, bestseller in the United Kingdom, in which the musician partner of Nick Cave delivers a magnificent essay on memory, transmission, and value intimate with seemingly insignificant objects. The book will be published on October 6 by … Read more

Esotericism, magic and sorcery (Seminar Quests)

Esotericism magic and sorcery Seminar Quests

The study of esotericism in the Middle Ages remains an open field for researchers in medieval studies. In 2009, an international seminar was held at the ENS d’ULM entitled “Science and magic from the Middle Ages to the 17th century”, organized under the aegis of Jean-Patrice Boudet and Nicolas Weill-Parrot. The varied program proposed to … Read more

Destin: The Winx Saga (Season 2, 7 episodes): playground magic – Series and film reviews, news – Breaking News, it’s overflowing with gossip

Notre top 20 des meilleurs films Disney a voir en

The first season of Destiny: The Winx Saga was honorable but not memorable. This season 2, in line with the previous one from a narrative point of view, unfortunately does not have much to tell us. The cartoon therefore continues to inspire darker, more adulescent adventures without really having anything new to tell us. The … Read more

Harry Potter classes for learning by magic at school

Harry Potter classes for learning by magic at school

Harry Potter special classes Young Harry Potter has been kids’ favorite fictional character for over 20 years now. Everything that touches directly or indirectly to the universe of the famous wizard immediately excites young and old fans. Among these Potterheads are school teachers who have understood that the bespectacled wizard could be a valuable ally … Read more