Pays de Pontivy: hike-yoga with local picnic: four mornings to try

Pays de Pontivy hike yoga with local picnic four mornings to

By Augustine Guégan Published on 16 Jul 22 at 6:06 Pontivy Journal See my news Follow this media Sylvette Le Strat, Gwenola de Araujo and Nathan Rolland, respectively president, director and trainee of the Pontivy Community tourist office (Morbihan), as well as Clémence Gambie, yoga teacher are the instigators of the yoga morning hike project. … Read more

Basque country: meeting with Gorka, local shaman

“Benevolence is the most important word”, concludes after an indefinite time – it seems to have stopped – the man with the drum. The instrument accompanies shamans in all latitudes in order to reach the state of trance; this vehicle to access the spirit world. The quest for spirituality guided Gorka Etxarri from an early … Read more

ODEN: connect to the power of local plants with these French vegetable oils

ODEN connect to the power of local plants with these

What if your cosmetics were made from natural ingredients sourced in France? In 2016, Marion Weber decided to create ODEN, a brand of vegetable oils thoughts for all skin types. His particuliarity ? All the plants used are grown locally by passionate and identifiable French producers. Enough to guarantee superior quality while reducing the environmental … Read more