Character sheet #23 – Hogwarts, the school of wizards

1674667841 Character sheet 23 Hogwarts the school of wizards

Character sheet is a section in which we draw the portrait of video game players, real or fictional, who weigh or have weighed on the industry. Today, small change. On the occasion of the imminent release ofHogwarts Legacywe are not stopping on a character, but on one of the places which contributed to the success … Read more

Shortage of teachers in Nunavik | Children deprived of school since September

Shortage of teachers in Nunavik Children deprived of school

Twelve 13-year-old children from the Akulivik community have not been able to go to school since September because no teacher is offering classes for 7e year at school in this village of 700 Nunavik residents. Posted at 5:00 a.m. “We also lack teachers in other sectors, but I would say that it is in 7e … Read more

Melanight: her biography, from law school to reality TV

1674321408 Melanight her biography from law school to reality TV

Melanight is a reality TV contestant known for her explosive character. The pretty blonde debuted in 2016, in the show Bachelor. She grabs attention from the start by wearing a wedding dress to woo the Bachelor. She went through several love stories, but the one with Romain, another reality TV candidate, made an impression. Discover … Read more

Pygmalion effect: in love, at school, what is it?

Pygmalion effect in love at school what is it

The Pygmalion effect is the result of a positive belief that someone sends us back and that we will unconsciously appropriate to increase our abilities. It improves confidence in the evening. What is the Pygmalion effect? Who invented it? How to develop it? Discovery with Dr Béatrice Millêtre, psychologist. Summary The Pygmalion effect, a positive … Read more

Carrières-sous-Poissy: the new Jean-Giono school inaugurated

Carrieres sous Poissy the new Jean Giono school inaugurated

Through Florent Jacono Published on 9 Jan 23 at 21:02 78news See my news Follow this media There were many of them to attend the inauguration of the Jean-Giono school, completely renovated and enlarged. (©FJ/78news) There was a real party atmosphere this Saturday, January 7 in Carrières-sous-Poissy. Hundreds of people had come for the official … Read more

Publication of children’s books in January 2022: a grand return to school

Publication of childrens books in January 2022 a grand return

2023 promises to be spectacular with the new children’s publications in January! The small literary season arrives with interesting readings for both children and teenagers. Discover the recommendations of Unidivers. Children’s album – from 3 years old A siesta Camille Romanetto 06 January 2023 Little Urban Editions 32 pages 14,90€ Summary It’s nap time. A … Read more

In Brittany, a school of witchcraft inspired by “Harry Potter” will open its doors in the fall

1671727885 In Brittany a school of witchcraft inspired by Harry Potter

A school of sorcery as in Harry Potter in France you dreamed of it? It is now done! Or almost. In Brittany, the owner of a castle decided “to recreate a Breton school of magic inspired by the world of Harry Potter”he explains to Telegram. Located in Maen Roch, in the north-east of Ille-et-Vilaine, Château … Read more

Le Rocher Portail opens its Christmas fairies and announces a new season of the school of wizards

Le Rocher Portail opens its Christmas fairies and announces a

By Herve Pittoni Published on 4 Dec 22 at 14:56 The Republican Chronicle See my news Follow this media The flags of the four houses of the New Sorcerer’s School will once again fly over the castle of Portal Rock. ©The Portal Rock The Château du Rocher Portal opens a new edition of its Christmas … Read more

Meditation at school, is it reasonable? – UNSA‑

Judo A mixed Champions League for Agbegnenou Dicko and Riner

In both cases, a scientific review of the numerous studies carried out on the question, most of them on adults, concludes that profits are modest at best, often not significantly different from another relaxation activity. In addition, the majority of studies are of low methodological quality, which prevents concluding on positive effects, and many of … Read more

Harry Potter: a school of witchcraft inspired by Hogwarts opens in France

Harry Potter a school of witchcraft inspired by Hogwarts opens

the essential An Ile-et-Vilaine castle dedicated to witchcraft has opened its doors for the 2022 All Saints holidays and is full of visitors who are fans of the Harry Potter universe. A Breton castle has been transformed into a “school of witchcraft” inspired by the Harry Potter universe. This attraction, launched on October 22, 2022, … Read more